Best supermarkets for value, produce and online delivery

2 November 2018

Looking to change supermarket? Find out which household names came top in this year's awards

Unhappy with your energy or mobile phone provider and don’t know where to turn? Can’t decide between Netflix or Amazon Prime? Or perhaps your supermarket seems pricey? Then read up on the household names that came top in this year’s awards

Deciding which home service provider to choose can be tough. With a myriad of deals and offers available, it is often hard to pick apart which product offers best value.

That is why each year Moneywise asks you, the readers, to tell us about the top home services providers in the country.

The Home Finances Awards are designed to help you to decide on a whole range of household services, from broadband and mobiles to energy suppliers and supermarkets.

This year, with a phenomenal 10,000 respondents to our survey, there are some clear winners that deserve a pat on the back.

A big thank you to all those who voted – here are the firms that you picked as the best providers in the UK in 2018.

Best supermarkets for value, produce and online delivery

Best supermarket
Highly commended: Lidl
Best value for money
Highly commended: Lidl
Best produce
Highly commended: Lidl
Best in-store experience
Highly commended: Waitrose
Best online supermarket
Highly commended: M&S, Waitrose

This year’s supermarket awards mark an eye-opening clean sweep for bargain provider Aldi.

But that is perhaps to be expected under current circumstances. Rising prices and modest wage growth are bound to make shoppers thriftier and hungry for a deal.

And such is the business model of supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl that consumers cannot get enough. It has even triggered the largest supermarket in the country, Tesco, to respond in kind with its own version, Jack’s.

The clean sweep from Aldi and Lidl might be pause for thought for the big, old supermarket brands. In an attempt to consolidate and form one of the largest consumer firms in the country, Sainsbury’s and Asda announced a merger worth £12 billion in April.

Value for money has always been the drive for shoppers to these establishments. However, this year both have unseated big players for the top position of best supermarket, with Aldi coming top and Lidl a very close second.

It must be said the readers’ response to value for money was even tighter, with just 0.1 difference separating the two.

The fact is these brands give people what they need right now – quality produce at reasonable prices.

The only other brands to get a look in this year were Waitrose, highly commended for its in-store experience, and M&S, which tied with Waitrose, for its online supermarket. M&S largely offers occasion food on its website.

missing parcels

hermes the worst ever delivering parcels thrown over the back gate. left in front doorstep so it was stolen then hermes driver said I signed for it which is rubbish and yes I was at home they seemto an aversion to ringing the doorbells 2 of them on the having to claim from qvc who takes the payments from me has put me off buying online now .I was amazed at the comments on here had no idea that they were so bad. thanks moneywise.

Best supermarket delivery

Who won this category??

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