Our parcels went missing in the post - why won't Hermes give us full compensation?

18 November 2019

Moneywise helps a reader who had some birthday presents go missing



It’s that time of the year again when we start thinking about the giving and receiving of presents. But it seems from our mailbag that sometimes we would have as much luck waiting for Santa Claus and his reindeer to deliver gifts as for conventional couriers – and the problem is not only a seasonal one.

SH wrote to us to say that her mum sent a parcel of family birthday presents via Hermes at the end of July. However, the parcels were lost, and she eventually received compensation after SH “hounded them endlessly” on her mum’s behalf. This was five weeks after the courier received her claim form – she was originally told her claim would take 14 working days.

Her mum received £89.46 (£75.56 for gifts plus £13.90 postage and insurance). SH says that the contents value was actually £180 but she could only provide receipts for some of the presents – others were pre-loved, but all had great sentimental value.

SH explains: “I understand the limited amount of compensation for the actual value, but I think we should get something for the great distress and inconvenience caused.

“We scrimped to get the original presents, so couldn’t afford to replace them until we got money from Hermes – embarrassing, to put it mildly – and the fact that the intended recipients were so nice about all the endless delays just made it seem worse. One lot of presents was for an 18th birthday.

“I feel that Hermes was less than helpful during this nightmare. It told us within days of the original loss, that it had conducted a ‘thorough search’, and that the parcel was gone for good. This seemed premature, because surely repeated searches over time would be needed?

“I have had to email and phone Hermes constantly over the past couple of months, trying vainly to find out what was happening – usually nothing.

“I always contacted Hermes, but its customer services team never proactively sent me updates. Staff gave me conflicting information and couldn’t be pinned down. Whenever I was told a search was taking place, I had to take this at face value. One of its supervisors even told me once that I was being ‘fobbed off’.”

SH adds she is convinced that if she hadn’t constantly nagged, she would still be waiting for her money.

She says: “I feel as though my whole summer was taken up with this, and it has been one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life.

“To lose precious family presents was bad enough, but the added fiasco of dealing with Hermes’ so-called ‘customer support’ made the whole thing horrendous. I do feel that we deserve an extra payment in addition to the minimal, extremely grudgingly given amount that we’ve received from them.”

This is a sorry tale and all the more upsetting because it involved personal gifts for birthdays, while Hermes’ response seems to have been both tardy and unhelpful.

However, when Moneywise contacted the company, it did act quickly and refunded an extra £90.54 in compensation so that SH received her whole £180 back.

A spokesperson for Hermes says: “We successfully deliver 390 million parcels each year and would like to apologise to the reader for the inconvenience. We have provided her with full compensation for all the items.”

SH adds: “I just want to say a big thank you on behalf of my mum. We’ve just learnt that Hermes is making up the full value of the lost presents in the parcel, even though we couldn’t provide all the receipts. This is a big consolation for the nightmare that she has been through with the company over the past few weeks.”   


First published on 26 November 2019

Hermes ??? !!!

My son also lost several items, mainly clothing sent through Hermes to Northern Ireland In suit cases
His compensation was pathetic!! So many Items seem to go astray through this company.
I also ordered, through ebay 1 bottle of aftershave also went missing.


They'e a bunch of two-faced conniving swines who screw the staff and the customers!

Courier ParcelForce48

I've never had any problem with Hermes but 2 out of 2 of my last week ParcelForce48 boxes were smashed up 😖


I’ve stopped using them as a courier. They constantly lose and damage items. Getting compensation is always a battle which I have often lost. The latest problem is that the courier refuses to pick up items even when they are within weight limits. They are awful.

Hermes - after reading this article

I was going to send some Christmas presents using Hermes but have decided against it now due to their customer service that SH received.


a bad company really and getting worse,like sending out emails at 10.30 am telling me my parcel is due between 9am and 11 am idiots !
as for customer service ,forget it,just do not use them,parcels do not get lost,they are stolen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lost Parcel

I sent a parcel with something I sold on eBay and it never arrived. My experience mirrors the above and although I chased and also used the Resolver website too I never did get a successful resolution and ended up over £200 out of pocket. Because of the eBay rules I had to refund the original buyer. I have had issues with MyHermes before and this reinforces the fact that I will never use them again and also for anyone sending anything worth more than a few quid to consider insurance.

Article about myHermes on 26th November

I have full sympathy for the person in the article about Hermes. I have experienced a very similar situation and now been told that the parcel is definitely lost. Over the last couple of months I have spent hours and hours trying to communicate with Hermes but it is near on impossible! To say I'm frustrated is an understatement. I finally had an email to confirm that my claim form would be assessed within 14 days but that was over a month ago and there is still no sign of my compensation. I categorically will never use the Hermes service again.

missing parcels

exacly the same happened to me but unfortunately i wasnt covered for insurance and lost approx £200 worth of goods.i couldnt get hold of a anyone to quirie and couldnt find a phone number .i cried for days because one item was very sentimental and its not the first time its happened.ive had 3 parcels go missing and despite having my return address they never came back to me.im housebound ,hence using hermes but im looking for another courier - hermes not good at all !

Parcel delivery companies

The Govt should regulate the Parcel delivery companies, I had a parcel pushed over a 6 ft gate, which damaged it, I did get a replacement from company. When you pay for a company to deliver a parcel you expect them to for fill the contract and deliver it to the correct address. I often see delivery companies throwing parcels around, and driving at excessive speeds over traffic calming measures and you can here the parcels banging around this must cause some damage.


I sent a parcel to Spain customer said he never received it but on receiving a list of pick up points the last point was delivered to the customer's address on contacting Hermes they made every excuse that it was not their fault, as far as they were concerned it was the end of the story, I had to return the customers payment and i lost the parcel I will never use Hermes again and advise no one use them as they are untrustworthy.

hermes are rubbish but they may not be the only ones

i have had parcels go missing delivered to me through hermes and the companys that send them just seem to accept it and post another , i actually work opposite one of their distribution centres and at night when their ramp doors are open you can see them throwing the parcels across the bays . also i know the people who deliver the parcels in their own cars are poorly paid to the extent that they are encouraged to make the delivery even if the receiver is not in, this will lead to parcels being " dumped"

Hermes issues with their website

I’m pleased to see that finally this family got justice from Hermes.

I have had many issues with Hermes. The first time I was promised a refund for returning a parcel, then had to fight, being passed from pillow to post. In the end I had to ask PayPal to get my money back. The second issue was I was returning three parcels to the same company and they sent two labels with the same tracking number on. It was very confusing. But after two weeks they refunded my money. I dread sending a return to a company because there are always issues with their web site. I’m sure many other people have had issues with them. Their couriers throw parcels over the gate, even if they don’t know whether they’re fragile or not. One time my brown bin was on the drive having been emptied. The lid was open, and just because we weren’t home, they threw my parcel in the bin, which was dirty. At the time, I had a bad back, so I had great difficulty reaching for it. I complained and they apologised. What annoys me, is that they cannot be contacted by phone, so if you have had issues over a weekend you have to wait until Monday for Hermes to email you back, it usually takes 48hrs for them to get back to after checking with their dept(s)


I also recently had very poor service from Hermes. Ordered items for next day delivery from Amazon. Happened to check tracking & saw message “due to unforeseen circumstances unable to deliver your order” . When I logged on to their “helpline” it said can’t deliver contact sender. I phoned Amazon to complain & cancel order. Then I had an email to say driver had tried to deliver but no one was in. This was untrue & no card was left. Lo & behold the next day we arrived home to find parcels, now not required because had to source an alternative, had been left with a neighbour. Order has been refunded & if Amazon want them back they’ll have to instruct Hermes to collect. They will have to give me plenty of notice because I’m not waiting for a firm which fails to deliver on time, sends untrue messages & then deliver too late.

Parcel never delivered

I was awaiting a parcel Hermes on the 28th of march later found out they said they delivered it on the 27th nobody came to my door the driver signed it coved 19 and dumped it somewhere can't find it, Hermes customer service a night mare saying it was signed at the location there was no tracking no notification email no card dry strange the item is £59.99 to me they are committing fraud how can they get away with this

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