Where can I get insurance cover for my valuable DJ equipment and laptop?

18 May 2016


I’m looking for a contents insurance policy that covers all my electrical equipment. I have expensive decks and a valuable laptop.

The policies I’ve looked at don’t seem to cover the decks because I haven’t kept the receipts and also said they wouldn’t cover the laptop because it is more than five years old.

How do I go about getting insurance that will cover my most valued possessions?



Many contents insurance policies have a single item limit of £1,500. I would strongly advise you to get contents insurance with extra cover when you have expensive equipment in your home.

Assuming that the DJ equipment is used only as a hobby, then a home contents insurance policy should be appropriate.

You need to look for a policy that includes ‘new for old’, which means if your equipment was stolen or damaged it would be replaced with the equivalent new version. Make sure the replacement value covers all of your belongings.


In order to make a claim without having kept hold of the receipt, you will need to show evidence of ownership.

I would suggest taking photographs, logging the make, model and serial numbers, and retaining any user manuals.

Moneywise says:

If you use your decks professionally or would prefer separate DJ equipment cover, there are specialist providers. Try Djguard.co.uk or Allianzmusicalinsurance.co.uk.