Fight for your rights: Harveys delivered faulty sofas – twice

6 April 2020

Moneywise columnist Hannah Nemeth helps a reader get a refund for their damaged sofa


Everyone can make mistakes when it comes to orders and deliveries, but when a retailer makes the same mistake twice – you have to wonder what is going on.

Our reader, JB, and his partner ordered two sofas from Harveys for their first home. They complained that the customer service they received has been appalling.

He ordered two sofas for £1,100 over the phone in early July, after visiting his local store. But when the sofas arrived six weeks later, he noticed that the back of the first two-seater had rubbed up against something, which had taken the colour away from the fabric. When checking the three-seater in the back of the lorry, it had the same problem so he didn’t take delivery of it.

The driver left the two-seater, so the couple would have something to sit on while waiting for replacement sofas. But after another seven weeks, two sofas arrived, but were damaged in exactly the same way.

JB says: “I asked staff at Harveys if they had tried to deliver the same sofas as the first attempt and they assured me this was impossible, but nothing would surprise me.”

Following this, JB decided to cancel the order and shop for a sofa elsewhere. He was told to call customer services, but after hanging on for ages, he was asked to call the store.

He says: “I’ve spent the past week trying to get a refund from Harveys, but the store is unable to do this because the warehouse has not updated the return of the damaged products on its system. Harveys has now had £1,100 of my money accumulating interest in its bank account – instead of mine – for more than 13 weeks.

“When I broached the topic of compensation for the stress and inconvenience caused, and time spent waiting in for deliveries, I was told I am no longer a customer, so I am not entitled to compensation.”

By the time JB contacted me in October, he had run out of patience and needed his money back so he could order new sofas to make sure they would be delivered before Christmas.

When Moneywise phoned Harveys, it was very apologetic about the fact that both sets of sofas were damaged but could not explain why this had happened.

A spokesperson says: “We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused to your reader as a result of his sofa order.

“We have since arranged for a full refund and have offered him £50 as gesture of goodwill for the inconvenience he has endured. Once again, we sincerely apologise for any frustration caused throughout this process.”

JB says: “I won’t be going back to Harveys for any furniture as I’ve completely lost faith in the brand. We managed to order new sofas from Sofology, which arrived in December. Its customer service was head and shoulders above Harveys.”  


£1,100 refund plus £50

First published on 14 April 2020

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