Ten top tips for your CV

Published by Ruth Cornish on 27 December 2013.
Last updated on 30 December 2014

CV writing

1. Less is more - summarise your experience and stick to two pages max.
2. Highlight achievements and outcomes you have achieved, rather than writing a list of responsibilities.

3. Avoid cheesy, insincere statements about how fabulous you are - simply focus on the facts.

4. Comment on any gaps and front them up - whether you've taken time out to travel or take a career break to have a family.

5. Tailor your CV and covering letter/email to every job you apply for, especially if you are applying for different roles across a range of sectors or industries.
6. Forget social media at your peril - update or create your LinkedIn/Twitter accounts.

Remember, employers check social media so if you posted any regrettable tweets now is the time to delete them.
7. Never ever lie on your CV. I have caught so many people out and it's not a nice experience.
8. Make sure your CV is well laid out and looks good. Double-check for spelling mistakes.

9. Save the personal stuff for the interview, unless it's voluntary work.

10. Make sure any images of you are professional - I recently reviewed the LinkedIn page of a very impressive candidate, only to be staggered that her photo made her look like an adult movie star.

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