Benefits you're entitled to: over-65s

Published by Rosie Murray-West on 01 April 2015.
Last updated on 01 August 2018

Are you struggling to make ends meet? You'll be surprised at the financial support on offer in the lead-up to retirement and beyond.

According to older people's charity, Age UK, nearly three million people over 65 are struggling financially, while government figures show that 1.9 million pensioners are living on a low income. Despite this, the benefits targeted at older people are the most likely to go unclaimed.

The government estimates that up to 1.4 million pensioners do not claim one of the most important benefits for the retired - Pension Credit - with up to £3.3 billion unclaimed every year. The average amount unclaimed is significant – £2,000 per family, according to the Department for Work and Pensions. Other benefits that also go unclaimed by older people include housing benefit and council tax benefit.

David Samson, welfare benefits expert at the Turn2us benefits advice service, run by the Elizabeth Finn Trust, says that many pensioners are not aware of the financial support available to them. “For example, they may be getting their state pension but not be aware that they are entitled to pension credit,” he says. “The rules for pension credit are more generous than the rules for working people, so they may have an entitlement that they don’t realise.”

"It’s important to get the message out there as we know that claiming the correct benefits can make a huge difference to quality of life."

Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK, adds: Despite millions of older people struggling financially, around £3.5 billion in money benefits remains unclaimed every year when this extra income could make a huge difference to their lives.”

The benefits that are on offer change as you get older – with some available to people as young as 50 years old. Help is available to ensure that you claim what you are entitled to.

Here is an overview of what you can claim when you reach 65 and over.

Benefits for the over-65s

Attendance allowance

If you are over 65 and need care, you may be eligible for attendance allowance.

This is paid at two rates depending on how often you need care. The lower rate is £57.30 a week. You get this if you need frequent care throughout the day or night. The higher rate is £85.60 a week. You get this if you need frequent care throughout the day and night or if you are terminally ill.

You must normally have been ill for six months (unless you are terminally ill) before you can get attendance allowance. Phone the attendance allowance helpline for a claim form on 0800 731 0122.

Annual flu jab

The flu jab is free every winter once you reach the age of 65. You don't need a GP referral for free flu jabs in pharmacies and the injections are usually available between September and February.

Over 75s

All over-75s are eligible for a free TV licence, but you must apply for this. You'll need to provide your date of birth, address, current TV licence number and your national insurance number (or a photocopy of your passport, driving licence or birth certificate). If you share your house with someone younger than 75, you can still apply for a free licence but it must be in your name. The website at has more details.

Further information

  • Visit for a benefits calculator or call the freephone helpline on 0808 802 2000.
  • Contact for advice specifically aimed at older people or call the freephone number 0800 169 2081. 




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Very useful. Needs to be in

Very useful. Needs to be in a leaflet form for distribution via GP Surgery, Care Homes, Hospitals, Social Services, pharmacies, Insurance companies, holiday mags etc. Could be self funding as this information isn't available and advertisers could save considerably. Could be distributed via internet. Keep it simple and in sections which could be updated regularly. Discount coupons could help. Short informative articles from readers with tips. It might just help people to find areas where help is available and local info could be supplemented via supermarket and shop information boards and swap clubs. Most important that LOCAL people be involved so that they can 'OWN' the product and participate.

I will reach 65 next 26/06

I will reach 65 next 26/06/2018 and start receiving my state pension. Currently I am receiving jobseekers allowance which will cease on 26/06/2018. I currently receive the maximum council benefits for housing and rates.
What will be my new position on both council benefits at 65 please, and are there any other benefits available at 65 that I am not currently receiving.

Thank you also I retire end

Thank you also I retire end of this month who do I contact to find out what benefits am entitled to

The wife and I are pensioners

The wife and I are pensioners and we get housing and council tax benefits are we entitled to free dental treatment.

Hi I am 65 on 6.8.2018..can I

Hi I am 65 on 6.8.2018..can I claim for heating money please

My wife and i are over 65 we

My wife and i are over 65 we own our house which was left to us a few years ago but we don't have any money for repairs which have steadily got wores over the years We have been without hot water and heating for years the house is falling around us what can we do HELP

I get housing benifit can i

I get housing benifit can i claim warm housing from suppliers

I find it scandalous that

I find it scandalous that someone who has worked as long as they could, then retired due to disability is penalized from getting any support and assistance because he was stupid enough to make savings for funerals and problems.i have paid all my taxes and ni contributions but any assistance apart from is amazing how the government can throw money and housing to people who have never made a contribution to the country, to drinkers and smokers that claim they have no money.

hi there

hi there
can you please tell me it states my wife and i are state pension i was told by housing we are not getting the right money our income is less then the appllcable amount the goverment states i apply for pension credit and was turned down is this right many thanks mr d . philpott

I am 70 and still fit and

I am 70 and still fit and able. I work for a care company but only get given about average 10 hours a week. I get my state pension and have done since I was 60. My husband works for the council on the bin lorries but doesn't bring home enough money for us to live on. Am I entitled to get any money from the Government.