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Moneywise's First 50 Funds for beginners

When you start investing, choosing from thousands of funds can seem very daunting.

Investment funds for your kids' financial future

To boost your kids’ savings, it pays to adopt a sound investment strategy.

Don’t fall for a pension scam

Ever been offered an investment opportunity in burial plots, Carribean hotel rooms or a guaranteed return from Uruguayan soya beans?

Moneywise Pension Awards 2017

Confused about what to do with your pension savings?

Moneywise Customer Service Awards

50,000 readers have had their say on the most trusted financial providers in the UK. We reveal the winners of the Moneywise Customer Service Awards 2017.

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How to get 2.23% interest on your £50,000 savings – the Moneywise model savings portfolio

Cash savers continue to battle against low interest rates and poor returns across the market, but there are ways to get more out of your savings...

Lifetime Isas – which account should I open?

The Lifetime Isa (Lisa) is a great way for young people to save for their first home or to help fund the cost of retirement.

Give older homeowners tax break to ease housing crisis

Reducing the amount of stamp duty tax applied to older home buyers could alleviate the pressure on the UK housing market and free up much-needed...

First-time buyers don’t save enough for a deposit

Not putting aside enough money for a deposit is the biggest problem first-time buyers face, as well as underestimating legal costs and stamp...

Fight for your rights: ‘Both Axa and Thomas Cook won’t pay out for my 20-hour flight delay’

No matter how great your holiday, it will end on a sour note if your flight home is delayed for hours.

Time to review your financial protection

It is often said that insurance provides financial peace of mind – until you make a claim and your insurer starts to cut up rough.

Take a #TechFree15 minute break to protect your devices

Are you reading this article on your smartphone, tablet or laptop?

Consumer Rights Act – the retailers that don’t play ball

If you’ve parted with cash for goods or a service and you’re unhappy, then it pays to know your legal rights.

Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday a deal or no deal?

In the run-up to Christmas we all want to cut costs, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been marketed as the best days to pick up discounted...

Moneywise Home Finances Awards 2017: Winners revealed

The results are in for this year's Home Finances Awards.

Are credit scores overrated?

Checking your credit score is increasingly popular, with some consumers paying a £15 monthly fee to do so.

Jeff Prestridge: My favourite income boosting ideas

Income is the elixir of financial life.

50 ways to make money

Household bills have risen 10 times faster than incomes have grown since the start of the financial crisis, research by price comparison website...