Tempted to pass on assets to your children to dodge care costs and inheritance tax?

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When you consider the influential position occupied by the United States in global affairs and the number of world-class companies that call it...

How stocks and shares can help you beat inflation in 2017

Choosing which investments will create the best return has always been a challenge.

Beat the £1m lifetime allowance for pensions

Although the government wants us to save for retirement, it doesn’t want us to save too much.

Pensions rules explained

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Moneywise Customer Service Awards

50,000 readers have had their say on the most trusted financial providers in the UK, we can now reveal the winners of the Moneywise Customer Service Awards 2017.

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Best banking apps of 2017

Smartphone apps are fast becoming the most popular way for customers to interact with their bank, but which ones are genuinely ground-breaking,...

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Seven investors tell Moneywise about their experience of the relatively new peer-to-peer (P2P) sector and how they view the risks involved.

A dozen tips on downsizing

Moving to a smaller property is certainly an option as you head towards retirement, making daily life easier and freeing up some cash.

Should you help your kids on to the property ladder?

First-time buyers are turning to the Bank of Mum and Dad for help on to the ladder. But what should parents bear in mind before digging deep?

Hotel offer for house fire victims

There has been a 5% increase in the number of house fires in England, according to analysis...

The little-known fund to help cyclists and pedestrians knocked down by uninsured and hit-and-run drivers

For many, being involved in a road traffic accident can come at a terrible cost; emotionally, physically and financially

True money stories from smart people: Complain to gain

Where there’s muck there’s brass they say. But did you know that it’s also true that where there are complaints there’s cash?

Protect yourself from cold calls and texts

It has become a problem that has blighted the lives of nearly all of us: rushing to pick up a phone call, only to be greeted with a telemarketer...

Top 20 money-saving websites

There are so many online tools out there that that can help you to save money. Here are Moneywise’s top 20:

Home Finance Awards 2016

Thanks to the thousands of readers who took the time to rate the businesses and services that we all depend on to keep our households heated,...

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Understanding loans

Our guide looks at the different types of personal loans, explains the small print and shows how sometimes borrowing more can cost you less. 

Best paid jobs you don’t need a degree for

As sixth-formers start a long summer waiting for A-level results, wondering whether all that hard work has paid off, new analysis from...

Sitting in on personal finance lessons

Moneywise editor Moira O’Neill spent a day with financial education charity MyBnk to see how it teaches personal finance in secondary schools.