Why do we love bricks and mortar so much? Should it be the nation’s first choice asset?

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How to be a property investor: our 10-part series

07 Jun 2016

Why do we love bricks and mortar so much? Should it be the nation’s first choice asset?

Expert investment tips from £50 to £50,000

26 Jun 2014

Whether you have a lump sum to invest or just want to squirrel away £50 a month, we ask the professionals for their investment fund picks.

What will you do with your pension?

23 Sep 2015

Until the new rules came into force in April 2015, only those with very small pensions could cash them in.

Why you need a pension

26 Mar 2014

Chances are you're far more focused on whether you can justify dinner out at the weekend, your holiday plans, trading up your car or doing work...

Moneywise Customer Service Awards

Tens of thousands of readers have had their say on the best and worst financial providers in the UK, and we can now reveal the shortlist for the Moneywise Customer Service Awards 2017.

View Shortlists Here

A brief guide to peer-to-peer lending: our 4-part series

17 Oct 2016

Welcome to our guide to peer to peer lending.

Best Cash Isa rates this week

12 May 2008

If you're a UK taxpayer it's always worth considering a Cash Isa, even though most people can now get some savings interest tax-free.

House prices slow down and North-South divide continues

27 Mar 2017

House prices in the UK continue to rise, albeit at a slower pace, with property prices surging ahead in London, the East of England, the...

UK average house prices hit £218,000

19 Jan 2017

House prices in the UK have continued to rise steadily, increasing annually by 6.7% in the year to November 2016, with the average house now...

Will your insurer always pay out?

13 Jul 2015

When the sun comes out and the weather warms up, many of us head for the garden but fun in the sun can be costly if you haven't invested in the...

Can telematics help lower your car insurance premiums?

04 Jun 2015

From cutting-edge smartphones that let you surf the web, watch movies, check the news and keep in touch with friends and family to iPads and...

Protect yourself from cold calls and texts

08 Jun 2015

It has become a problem that has blighted the lives of nearly all of us: rushing to pick up a phone call, only to be greeted with a telemarketer...

Scam Watch: Free trial scams

28 Oct 2014

It is rare to get something for nothing - and when it comes to 'free' trials, the only thing you're likely to be left with is a hole in your...

Home Finance Awards 2016

21 Oct 2016

Thanks to the thousands of readers who took the time to rate the businesses and services that we all depend on to keep our households heated,...

Get a new car for less

16 Oct 2014

Shopping for a new car is exciting, but you can get in a spin when faced with the many choices to make. Petrol or diesel? New or secondhand?

Understanding loans

31 Jul 2015

Our guide looks at the different types of personal loans, explains the small print and shows how sometimes borrowing more can cost you less. 

Personal loans of the week

31 Jul 2015

Personal loan providers are jostling for position at the top of the best buy tables.

Taxes, personal allowances and limits - what you'll pay in 2017/18

06 Apr 2016

The 2017/18 financial year has begun, so Moneywise has rounded up the personal allowances, tax rates, and limits on pension and Isa...

Benefits you're entitled to: the over-50s

01 Apr 2015

Are you struggling to make ends meet? You'll be surprised at the financial support on offer in the lead-up to retirement and beyond.