Do we pay too much tax in the UK?

Ahead of chancellor Alistair Darling's first Budget on 12 March 2008, Rebecca Atkinson took to the streets of central London to gauge public opinion on the levels of tax we pay in the UK. As she found out, tax is a subject close to our hearts and has a tendency to stir up passions in people...

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We most certainly do. This government should give the people a referendum on coming out of the European Union. We don't need it and can be like Norway a contry that is stable and wealthy and can trade with anyone. They have a pension fund set aside from the oil revenue that will see three generations with a secured pension.

We need out of this EU, the sooner the better so that Britain can truely get out of the terrible financial position she is in. Instead of bailing out other EU countries that are almost bankrupt we can use this monies to kick start our economy.

The people of Britain are getting poorer by the day. Enough is enough, so it's time to take to the streets to let this government know we mean business and want out of the EU now.

Most people in the UK should feel lucky - in mainland europe and italy, there are websites dedicated to opening LTD companies in uk avoid outrageously high taxes and massive beauracracy. My company helps Italians (legally) open a uk ltd company from Italy - come aprire una ltd.

I don t Know if We spend too much, and in what relationship are we with a Universally recognized as "High Taxation Level" standard .
Lots of people in Europe Would be Happy to pay our same Taxes. 
In Italy it is frequent to hear Entrepreneur say  "let's Open an LTD in UK " in Italian it's Aprire ltd Londra  .
Do you know Why ? Because people in EU know What High taxation Standard means  in relation to the rest of the World.
I think we should focus more on having a better use of our TAXES