Richard Branson's top tips for entrepreneurs

Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin empire and an inspiration to a generation of entrepreneurs, tells Moneywise TV why he thinks the recession is a good time to launch your own business and introduces his latest venture, Virgin Money Giving.

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Richard Branson has certainly had a considerable amount of good luck in developing his various businesses.
I have quite some admiration for his remarkable ability & endurance in some particularly difficult predicaments, especially the run-in with B.A.a few years back.
Here he recommends starting a business 'in a donwturn being as good as anytime' when currently consumer spending is restricted. The Banks are over-cautious about lending making it nearly impossible to get 'off the deck'. In some cases, the Banks are not willing to open basic business a/c's even without any credit facilities.
In his early days, did Mr Branson find that private investors were the way forward? Where could you seek such assistance these days?
Energy & devotion are 2 imperrative ingredients but some backing is also essential. I would like to hear some more of his experiences in set-up & gaining stability.