How to make money from your wardrobe

The average woman owns £204 worth of clothes that they have only worn once, while 70% of Brits have bought an item of clothing this year they have not worn at all, according to recycle website Musicmagpie.

On top of that the average family in Britain has around 134 unwanted items in their home, worth around £850, the website says.

But there are ways you can get rid of these unwanted items - and make some dosh at the same time.

1. eBay

One of the most common ways to flog old rags is to sell them on eBay, the auction site.

The bidding process will most likely get you the best price, and it allows you to sell almost anything.

However, it can be hard to predict how much you'll get for an item, and with eBay charging you for posting the item and take a percentage of the cut, it can be a hassle.

2. Gumtree & Preloved

You could also consider posting an ad on classified ad websites such as, which helps sellers find local buyers, or which specialises in second-hand items.

3. Musicmagpie

The website has recently launched a new service meaning you can now sell your unwanted clothes to it as well as DVDs, games, electronics and technology.

The site prices your stuff according to size, brand and type. For example, it offers £3.93 for a dress from Whistles, £11.33 for a mens Barbour jacket or £0.95 for a Mini Boden kids jumper. After the website has given you your price, you then box it all up and send it off for free.

4. Stuffusell & Sellyourstuffonebay

If you don't have the time to sell it yourself, you could also try using sites such as and These sites sell your items on eBay for you, they will charge you about a third of the selling price, but for example, claims to get you a price 25% higher than regular eBay sellers.

5. Recycleforcash

If you would rather recycle your unwanted items, check out, which lists the best recycling websites for each different category of item you might want to sell.