Key benefit changes: 2011 and beyond

From 2012

Tax Credits: These will stop once a claimant's income reaches £40,000.

Contribution-Based Employment and Support Allowance: Payouts will be limited to one year.

Jobseeker's Allowance: If jobseekers turn down a job offer for no good reason, fail to apply for a suitable post or refuse community work, they will lose benefits for three months. The second time, they'll lose benefits for six months, and the third time, for three years.

From 2013 

Benefits cap: The total a household can receive in benefits will be £500 a week for couples and lone parents, and around £350 for single people.

The Universal Credit system: This will bring together several benefits, including income support, housing benefit and tax credits. It will include a cap to average earnings.

Child benefit: This will be withdrawn from any household that includes a higher-rate taxpayer.

Council Tax Benefit: This will be run by local councils, which will have to implement 10% cuts.

Housing Benefit: This will only cover the size of property judged necessary for tenants in the social rented sector (such size restrictions already apply to private tenants).

Disability Living Allowance: A claimant will have to undergo an 'objective' medical assessment.

From 2015

Universal Pension: This will be a single flat-rate pension of £155 a week for all those who qualify. The government is currently consulting on the rate and qualifications.


Over the next two parliaments, the current system will be replaced with a 'universal credit', which integrates benefits and is designed to ensure that people will always be better off in work than on benefits.

Your Comments

Its always targeting the disabled!

I get DLA for a mental health disability, so will my medical assessment be in front of a qualified person with the correct knowledge of this or just a GP who asks me can I walk ok and is my mobility alright.

I am sick to death of this disgusting government and the sooner they are out the better. That isn't coming quick enough for me. They do not care about the likes of you and me. All they care about is lining their own pockets. And I feel sorry for anyone on DLA - you've already had to fight tooth and nail to get it and now you have to fight even more to keep it. That is sickening. Over the past year I have cut back and cut back and now I don't think I can cut back any more. Very soon I will not have a basic living. How does this vile govt think we are going to live?

ATOS put a qualified psychiatrist on a mental health assessment? Do you think they're actually that competent, Guest #2? I don't.

Frankly, I'm dreading it, because they HAVE no specialists in my rare illness - there are only half a dozen doctors in the UK who specialise in this area and none of them work for ATOS. And I look fine...

As I'm physiclaly disabled (and worked for the Benefits Agency in DLA), I have seen many examples of people swinging the lead. However, I am worried this may well go too far, targeting the wrong people; thus, I am worried.

It is always worth appealing as there have been a lot of refusals overturned recently on appeal

Please note EXISTING pensioners do not get the new flat rate and it will not be brought in fully until 2067. All benefits etc except teh State Pension will be gradually reduced in value by the use of the CPI instead of RPI. Even for state pensions there will be a reduction until wages outstrip inflation - which is likely to be a very long time in the current economic climate. Overall the aim is to save money.

You will prob find it will just be a normal GP who may or may not know anything about your mental heath issues & will more than likely declare you fit for work.

I am in the same boat as you & am dreading the same type of assessment.

I can tell you now imho they don't give a stuff re people with mental health issues. If you can walk, talk,move etc then your fit for work in their eyes.

If the people with mental health problems can articulate their worries and can use a computer to do this then they must be fit to work using a computer.

Disgusting treatment by the con dems.The rate of suicides will increase and Cam and and Clegg wont care one bit.They both guilty of broken promises.Another thing they will be guilty of will be the reduction in winter fuel allowance for pensioners.Clegg is now like the song,puppet on a string.My son has mental problems and he has had the tests but someone rang him up from another department and said they was not happy about the person doing the test and they were looking into it.This proves that they are having unqualified people doing the tests.These people should be ashamed to admit that they are ok to do the tests.

If you can walk and talk and move etc, why can't you go to work? I really don't understand what the problem is?

I went with a relative with a similar disorder to a medical assessment at ATOS. He was interviewed by a nurse who asked questions from a pc and entered the responses.

Also attending an assessment was a youg woman who hada mild mental disorder. She was a mother of a baby so I told her to apply for IS instead as she was not obliged to look for work in view of the age of her baby.

they are often helped with this as i help my daughter as moods fluctuate despite medication she had her first depression at fifteen had problems when leaving school but did a nursing career for six years before having problems again she claimed no sickness benefit till she was thirty years old yet lost this benefit despite just coming out of hospital she did appeal with my help but could not go because she was still to ill so did not get the money back that was taken of her benefit her doctor said he thought she was too sick to work so she was allowed back on sickness benefit at a reduced rate this rate did not increase until several months later which caused hardship as i am on state pension and have had to manage everything somehow she is not a fraudster and we dont own a property just genuinely sick!!!

Your lack of understanding could be down to your stupidity.

I hope they keep up the good work. It's about time people realised that life owes you nothing. Looks like some of these lazy individuals will have to get off their backsides and do some WORK.

if you can walk alittle does not mean you are well to work, also if you can talk does not mean that you can concentrate on work problems, also sick people do work like myself i own a company and just let my workers know that a am there for support only.
so if you think that people don't want to work when did you go to work with a very bad flu small germs stopped you, so please don't think all people don't want to work.

Invisable illness are hard for people to see,but doesn't mean they are not there and effect people in ways the ignorant will never ever understand.
We live in a judge a book by it's cover society and many are always quick to judge, without knowing any fact's.
The term Disabled means something that effects your life to the point you can not live a normal life, does not mean that it has to be visable, some people can continue to work and sadly some can't.
Most want to work and lead a normal life it is a small percentage that abuse the system, but the innocent get tared with the same brush.
Benefits aren't easy to get as it is and i know many who really do need them don't get them as are not accessed by people that fully understand there condition's.
The ones that judge could well be in our position one day and would have a big wake up call, not only having to learn to exist day to day but with other people's unfounded remarks which says more about there small minded outlook on life.
Hopeful one day the benefits system will one day be fair and just.
Good luck to all those who are going through this stressful change over :)

well one will just have to turn to their amilies and communities on help when
one cant buy the basic nescessities .While the Bankers have railroaded the
economy with their greed and excesses they are responsible on the maladies
on the inancial bankruptting the euro and causing personal debt,corporate debt,
public debt and super debt.
I have paid into the system since 16 years on age and will look to my partners
amily who have land support me when beneits are not enough
on my needs.

I congratulate all those who rose above the idiot with the 'George Integrity Whitebread' lack of education and understanding of the nature of certain illnesses and disabilities.However, I've been around long enough to know that those who appeal for understanding without looking for it tend to get a swift lesson in ways that they may not have expected.
I hope for this person's sake that they learn a little humility and respect for others the easy way, by making an effort. That's where the real work lies; keeping an open mind and paying attention to the situations of others who aren't living in one's comfy little bubble.

ATOS can use any health care official to do the test,they need less qualifications nowadays.And if their computer says you can work,you will be found fit,even if you are terminally ill
Their computers over rule the specialist who treat us and know best what is wrong with us
Yes there may be a minority swinging the lead,but by the D.W.P. own admission,its a very small per centage.
To those on here and elsewhere,that think we are scroungers,maybe if they were put in our place for a few hours,they would soon change their tune.It's no fun being long term sick and in continual pain.
I for one,would much rather be working!

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Well, I am sorry for all of those who were mislead by the Labolur government. They never told you what would happen when they had spent all of your money, and then borrowed to the limit on the national credit card and spent all of that. And, that is why we all now have to pay and carry on paying so that we do not end up worse than Greece.
It is hard for pensioners, and I am one without the benefit of a Local Government index linked pension!!  If we can we should all do something to produce a little extra income to help us live in a decent way.
Hoping that a change of government would make any difference is like living with Alice in Wonderland. It wlould not. Labour politicians too have their feet in thr trough and always have had.
In future we need to realise that benefits must be reduced if this country is ever to become viable again. We also need to limit immigrationj and stop the nonsense of paying child benefits for children who do not live in this country, or indeed other benefits to those who have never contributed to our system.

I've been approximately long an adequate amount of to good facebook status know that those who application for considerate devoid of looking for it have a propensity to get a hurried lesson in ways that they possibly will not have expected.