Ensure your finances are in good hands

Many people incorrectly assume that, should they lose mental or physical capacity, their family will be able to look after their financial affairs.

Moneywise TV interviews Ruth Meyer, associate solicitor at Boyes Turner, to find out how drawing up a lasting powers of attorney can help.

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My mother inhertied my granmothers house it was sold to buy a bigger house for my mother and father and their three children, my father died and twelve yrs ago my mother remarried, a few months ago my mother took ill and were given a council bungalo and the family home was put up for sale, four weeks ago my mother died i went round the family home to collect an item of my grandmother,s the locks were changed ,the house had been sold,my mother never left a will how do we three children go on ,have we got rights the house was my mother and fathers and was paid for before my mother remarried.