United Bank UK: ACE Current Account

United Bank UK
Account:ACE Current Account
Account ratings
Account ratings
Online service - -
Call centre service - -
Branch service - -
Trustworthiness - -
Opening the account
Minimum Income £0
Minimum Age 18 years
Maximum Age -
Existing customers only -
Area restrictions There are no area restrictions.
Overdrafts and charges
Monthly Charge -
Overdraft facilities
Automatic overdraft facility £0
Interest Free Overdraft Limit £0
Authorised overdraft rate 0% APR/EAR
Authorised overdraft charge There is no charge for authorised overdrafts, other than the arrangement fee and the interest rate.
Unauthorised overdraft rate 11% APR/EAR
Unauthorised overdraft charge There is no charge for an unauthorised overdraft other than the unauthorised interest rate.
Overdraft related charges Paid item max fee - £0
Paid item max no - 0
Unpaid item max fee - £0
Stepped cheque charge - £10
Overseas charges (Europe only) Forex fee - 2.99%
Charge for £100 ATM withdrawal - £2
Charge for £100 debit card transaction - £0
Account charges ATM withdrawal - £0
Transactions - £0
Bankers draft - £0
Special clearance - £25
CHAPS - £25
Duplicate statement - £3
Interest rates and other incentives
Headline interest rate 0% AER
Rate tiers
Gross Rate Excluding BonusGross Rate Including BonusAER
Maximum balance for interest -
Minimum initial deposit £0
Minimum Monthly Credit £0
Interest paid na
Incentives Annual travel insurance -
Breakdown insurance -
Discount vouchers -
Savings sweep -
Other Insurance - no
Other incentive - no
Service information
Free banking
Account access Telephone
Post office
Services available Standing order
Direct debit
Bill payment
Round-up savings
Text alerts
Text mini statements
ATM mini statements
Cards / cheques provided Debit card
ATM card
Cheque book
Maximum ATM withdrawal £250
Time for cheque to clear 4 days
Statement frequency monthly