Why I refuse to fly budget airlines

Flying with low-cost airlines isn't always cheaper - something Moneywise TV's Johanna Gornitzki knows all too well. She explains why she'll never fly with budget airlines again.

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Well said! Ryanair are the pits! There should be some legislation against them!

These days, especially since BA divested its GB Airways subsidiary to Easyjet, there is often no alternative to the low cost airline. I declined an air fare to Malaga with BA for a total for two persons, of £285 including a suitcase for each person to £360 on FlyBe which was for just ONE suitcase between the two of us. BA would have been the obvious choice if there had not been the prospect of a strike in March, and what's more, we would have been fed on BA with a Eurobun and drinks rather than paying for food and water.

Easyjet, in my recent experience of several flights, is providing an adequate experience, with "enough legroom" - I am 6'1". Monarch, on the other hand, saw BA's exit from the European holiday destination as an excuse to downgrade its scheduled service to sub-charter standards (you require room for your legs sir, (spelt cur?) that will be an extra £30 each way!.


Ryannair? Noooooo! I will not fly Rotweiler Class!

Suggest you try Monarch scheduled to malaga from gatwick. You can buy extra leg room seats that will accommodate a 7 ft giant. You have to pay for it but it is well worth while.
I have an apt in Spain and travel their a lot. Monarch is the only airline that has the really big leg room seats.

I travel regularly with Ryanair, Spain,Morocco and Berlin, when they have offers on it is possible to get great prices, I have been to Berlin for under £10, Valencia for £10 and Morocco for around £60 including taxes. Take your luggage with you, check in before you go, buy a pre paid master card to avoid the tenner admin fee, buy food before you fly and you'll benefit, but go against all these things and your price for your flight will double.

As a complete Ryanair fan I am aware that for the unwary the booking system is a minefield with always the default option the most expensive.
Don't book on blindly.
For those of us who don't live near London, Ryanair are a complete Godsend.
Trip to Paris via BA = 1 day travel time each way.
Ryanair 2 1/2 hours if you include check in / security.
Scandinavia by BA - forget it!
My last trip to Bergamo from Prestwick £1 total each way (£4 return for me & my wife). For the avoidance of doubt there were NO EXTRA CHARGES on that price.
She lied when she said she couldn't get anything to eat on board. Ryanair sells a wide variety of drinks & Snacks. Lufthansa's idea of a meal by the way (Frankfurt to Venice) is a small milka bar on the way out and a Kit-Kat on the return and no option to buy anything else.
On the issue of distace from main towns, this really depends where you want to go. Ifyou want to go to the Mosel then Hahn is ideal.
How long does it take to go from St Pauls to Heathrow? Longer than her hour to Stockholm, and there is a 50Kr bus meeting and returning for each flight so forget the lage taxi fare

If the lady doesn't want to use Ryanair, that is completely her business, but the rest of us (and the planes are always full) will vote with our walllets and continue to see Europe and North Africa for a fraction of what other carriers charge.
Let's hear it for Saint Michael O'Leary

It is a joke that there are so many intelligent? people -planeloads of them, who ignore what they hear and read, to fly on the so-called low-cost airlines. They then moan about the extras and the discomfort. If it's too good to be true then.....

Why did BA get rid of GB Airways? One minute I was planning a holiday and two days later the flights did not exist. Losing those flights especially to the Greek Islands was the worst thing BA did!
Now my husband at 6'4' and myself at 6' with arthritis and elbow replacements find we have to pay out for BA Club Class-so only one holiday a year instead of two-and do I miss those extra warm days!
I take note of your comments on Easy Jet being adequate for your height-perhaps we'll give it a go on a short flight!

How much would BA or other mainstream airlines be charging for the flight to Sweden IF Ryanair, Easyjet & Monarch did not exist as competition to their operations?

London to Dublin, with British Airways or Aer Lingus was more than £200 return, over 20 years ago....strangely they both charged the same price....this week you can fly the same route with Aer Lingus for £29.99 each way (paying taxes,service charges & admin fee only).....that would NOT be the price if the low cost guys did not force them to do it!

Ryanair fly a lot more people than BA...so they must be doing something right!

I fly regularly to Belfast from East Midlands airport.

Flying with Ryanair has saved me a fortune and I have nothing but praise for the cost.

Mysef and my wife onboard luggage for a total of approx. £20.00 for both of us. It costs more to park your car!

I will choose Ryanair everytime, if you want to use the other more expensive carriers then its called choice!

Remember that in the case of airlines, "low cost" refers to the operating costs of the company; what the passengers receive is the "no frills" experience. From the customer's point of view these companies should be referred to as "no frills carriers".

For those who commented on the loss of the GB Airways brand, note that this company was a BA franchisee, not a BA subsidiary. When its owners chose to sell up (to EasyJet), BA had little influence over the outcome.

Whilst I appreciate that you are tall PLEASE don't expect the rest of us to subsidise your comfort.
I'd like extra leg room - Id like first class - BUT I dont expect it for free.
When you buy a standard ticket you buy a 'piece' of the plane /train/bus you are travelling in. If you want a bigger piece of the 'cake' then PAY FOR IT and stop spongeing off the rest of us.

And if you are disabled or have mobility problems????

GB airways was just a franchise of BA and it got aquired by EasyJet. The worst thing BA did was to loose the BA connect, this has allowed Flybe to become the Uks largest domestic airline. This puts Flybe in pole position among the UK's domestic carriers, ahead of easyJet, British Airways, the BMI Group and Ryanair.

OK but I cannot cope for much longer with Ryanair 6.30am stansted starts and being at stansted early enough for the queues..
Then throughout the flight being subjected to uninterupted tannoy adverts in poor English for scratchcards,fake cigarettes,travel tickets,refreshments,special offers,, Then when we
land the siren that we arrived on time but have to wait 15mins to disemark at Prestwick or Bergamo or Weeze or Hahn.. for onward transit
EASYJET however BRILLIANT... The staff interrelate.
They land at Tel Aviv, Munich ,Glasgow
AND Unlike Ryanair with 15kilo booked in and 8 kilo carried ie 23kilo, on EASYJET, you can achieve certain size trolley in hold and same size on board achieving 2 x 20kilo =40kilo........... EASYJET ..In my opinion BRILLIANT

Never had any problems with Ryanair, having flown with them more times than I can count. No charges are hidden, but clearly laid out when buying your ticket. I think £30 for a suitcase is reasonable, having paid only £11.99 to fly from Edinburgh to Aarhus (Denmark). Two return tickets (including all charges) set us back only £120. Very cheap. And with regards to the credit card fee which is added for each leg of the flight; this can be avoided by paying with a Visa Electron debit card, which does not add this charge.

Tired, uninformed rant. When you know how low-cost airlines operate there's no better alternative to cost savings. I have been on many a trip with Ryanair for 2p return (admittedly not this year as these crazy specials have not been available lately). This is 2p charged on my card account for a return flight. And before anyone of you start with the additional charges bore: I had hand luggage only, paid with Visa Electron (this has changed now to pre-paid Mastercard) and had the flexibility to look for these outrageous offers. And why would your choises for airport transfer be between your dad and a £100 cab? Most destinations have a dedicated bus service to take you to and from the airport. Even Nyköping has this and I will be using it in August myself. Happy days!

So many people availing of air travel today were not born in the 60's and 70's when the major airlines charged what they wanted to.I remember using Aer Lingus and BEA to fly from Heathrow to Dublin and it did cost an arm and a leg.Be thankful for what Ryanair and other budget carriers brought us.When you experience the real bad times,this is much more acceptable.

With Ryanair,you get what you pay for,cheap travel from a-b.If that does not suit,use another,much more expensive option.Without Ryanair,where would we be?I am a definite fan.

Ryanair and easyjet offer exceptional value they are the best thing that ever happened to the flying industry.

Travellers today, especialy young travellers, do not realise just how lucky they are.

When my wife and I wanted to fly to the south of France from Gatwick twenty years ago, the pooled fare with either British Airways or Air France was around £500 round-trip. Who could afford that, even if it did include your luggage and a snack/meal?

I think a more accurate description is 'No Frills' rather than 'Low Cost' for airlines like Easyjet or Ryanair, and 'Full Service' for British Airways; but in reality, none of these descriptions is fully accurate.

Flying in th 21st century is like so much in life, you get what you pay. Anyone who buys a ticket without checking exactly what they are buying deserves what they get, or perhaps what they do not get. Caveat Emptor!