How to get faster broadband

The advertised broadband speed you pay for is probably not what you're actually getting. Follow Moneywise TV's tips on how to get faster broadband.

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I can't believe you are suggesting people pay for a service such as Onspeed AND pay for a BT faceplate, I thought this was MoneyWISE?!?! No one should need to use something like Onspeed, let alone PAY for it. There are plenty of free programs that will make some improvements to your connection without resorting to something that gives only a superficial improvement (there is a pay off and there will be other problems crop up caused by using it - ever seen how bad a heavily compressed jpeg looks, imagine that effect on the quality of your internet connection).

As for the BT faceplate, you forget to mention that all BT line installs in last couple of years already have that faceplate installed as standard. Plus you can get the same effect of the new faceplate for FREE by removing the ring wire (which is effectively all the faceplate does):