How to appeal unfair parking tickets

Estimates suggest that as many as 60% of parking fines are unfairly issued. If you've been hit with an unfair ticket, follow our Moneywise TV tips to get your money back.

From insurance and petrol, repairs and tax, the expense of owning and driving a car quickly rack up. So getting stung with a parking fine is just another cost we can do without – especially if you think it's unfair.

The size of fines depends on the offence and range from £40 to £60 outside of London, and £80 to a huge £120 in the capital.

There are more than 70 reasons why you could be given a parking ticket, but if you've been issued one unfairly or by mistake, there are ways to appeal.

A penalty charge notice or PCN, will be fixed to the windscreen of your vehicle or sent to you in the post by your local council if you've been caught on camera. You have 28 days to pay the fine and if you do so within 14 days, the charge will be halved. However if you feel the ticket is unfair you can write to your local council to appeal.

If you decide to appeal, outline all your reasons and include any evidence to support your claim. This might include pay and display tickets, permits, disabled blue badges, photos and even witness statements. Make sure to keep the original documents and only ever send in copies.

The council will consider your appeal and send you either a notice of rejection or acceptance. At this point you can pay the fine or if you're still adamant it is wrong, you can take your case to the Traffic Appeals Service.

A date will be set for a tribunal hearing where you can argue your case against the council. The adjudicator will then make a final decision, which you can't appeal.

Finally, never ignore a PCN. The longer you wait the more you may eventually have to pay, and you may lose your right to appeal. The council can also take you to court if you ignore its warnings.