How to appeal an unfair parking ticket

Estimates suggest that as many as 60% of parking tickets are unfairly issued. Moneywise TV explains how you can appeal unfair tickets and get your money back.

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I got a ticket for parking on a single yellow line on a sunday
I went back and checked and the sign was on another street, quite a way from the street I parked in
So i complained to the trraffic appeal service and won

60% of parking tickets issued unfairly? More like 6%!
If you park in a restricted area or are late back to a pay and display or meter it is not unfair, it is your own fault if you get a ticket.

My local council have brought in a Considerate Parking Initiative, basically they make all car parks that were previously free into pay and display car parks, that in turn makes all visitors to the town park in the streets which makes us residents either pay to park round the corner or park on the pavement along the opposite side of the road. And then ticket us for the privilege. I think these are unfair and they should concentrate on finding other ways solve parking problems. (rant over) lol.

We went to London today, gave ourselves 4 hours on a Pay & Display car park, much more than we considered necessary but wanted to make sure we covered ourselves.
We went to the London Eye using the underground to ensure we travelled as sustainably as possible...
We asked tube staff which was the best line to take and, following advice, set off expecting a quick trip into the city. We were diverted here and there by tannoy announcements, taking 2 hours to get to Westminster after various changes and then got back to our car half an hour late...
This whole system is unfair, we didn't get back to our car late because of our mistakes, the TFL system let us down, wasted our time and cost us a parking ticket...
If we park in 'pay for time used' areas, we pay our dues but don't get caught out when the unexpected happens.