Beat the parking fine traps

Parking tickets are the scourge of beleaguered motorist. We all get them, but what can we do to get rid of them?

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This is just about the worst advice I've seen regarding parking tickets. They obviously think we are idiots and have never thought of appealing a ticket before. Dumbed-down report with a headline to attract viewers. Come on Moneywise. You can do better than this!

Some simple steps to avoid receiving a parking ticket.... (from an enforcement officer)
1) Check the signs that state how long you may park & also "no return within" periods.
2) Don't park on single (time restricted eg 9-5) or double (any time) yellow lines (unless you hold a disabled persons parking badge)
3) Check the information boards in car parks, don't buy a 2nd ticket and exceed the maximum stay in a short stay car park.
4) Don't overstay your ticket expiry time.
5) Don't park in areas marked "Loading bay", Bus Stop, Taxi, Police, Doctor.
6) Park sensibly, keep all your wheels within the marked bay.
Like the meerkat says, Simples!
It's worrying how many people have no idea what the lines & signs mean, buy a copy of the Highway Code or look online. Ignorance is not a defence!

Hi there,

in the immediate area surrounding where i live there are parking bays all pretty much with the same notice, 'pay and display mon-fri 8.30-5.30' and each bay has one of these signs. Directly opposite our house is a bay that up until a few weeks ago didn't have any sign beside it and so it was free. My housemates parked there for ages and i saw the wardens bypass that bay without looking so it was definitely free.
Then a fews weeks ago during the week, my girlfriend looked outside the window at midday and saw two wardens standing beside her car and she noticed a fine on her car she went outside and all the cars in that bay had been given tickets. Then she noticed that out of nowhere a sign had been erected by the bay that morning stating the same pay and display rule. She told one of them this and they made a call found out that it had infact been placed there that morning, but neither he or the other warden would do anything about it.

The other car was in the process of being towed but the owner fortunately showed up at that moment. People who worked in the building just by this bay were also sharing their outrage saying that they had been parking there for over a year.

Anyway, my girlfriend disputed this fine and wrote a letter however the council have sent what looks like a template letter not answering the dispute and just up holding the decision.

What should my girlfriend do now???!! The (lambeth) council clearly aren't even listening.

I park in a Supermarket car park that has 2 hours free parking and is near enough to where I want to go to and be back within the 2 hours.