Our problems with Parcel Monkey

Parcel Monkey refused to pay out for lost lights

Q: Back in December I booked a courier with Parcelmonkey.co.uk in order to get a pair of BMW headlights delivered to my home. On top of the delivery price of £11.19, I also paid £7.99 to buy additional compensation cover.

The headlights didn't turn up and after speaking to the company, it told me they had been lost by its City Link courier. However, Parcel Monkey refused to pay out, telling me my item was on its non-compensation list.

At the time of the booking, headlights were not on the restricted list – and I was sure I was eligible for compensation as I had previously made a successful claim for a set of rear lights that got damaged.

When booking a courier, you enter and confirm the value of your item and if it's £500 or more, you automatically have to buy additional cover – no matter what the item is. I think this is misleading. If Parcel Monkey sells the insurance, then surely it has to cover the item? Or am I missing something?

I sent a letter the day after this happened but haven't heard anything yet. What can I do?
Artur Kutiscev/Leeds

A: After getting in touch with Parcel Monkey via email (the company still has no phone number for customer services – or media enquiries come to that), Moneywise received a very detailed response after the company had investigated Artur's complaint.

A spokesperson explained Artur had been able to buy insurance in the form of a 'carriage guarantee' – a service he shouldn't have been able to select as headlights fall within the company's restricted list of items, which mean they are not eligible for compensation should anything go wrong.

After considering the peculiar situation Artur found himself in, Parcel Monkey agreed to refund him for his loss and said it is "currently rectifying" the problem so that it won't give a confusing message in the future.

While Artur is pleased to get his money back, he said: "I felt they were looking for an excuse not to pay, which was clearly wrong. However, when Moneywise got involved, a very nice and polite man got back to me and it was then sorted very quickly."

Parcel Monkey lost my computer stand

Q: In December, I organised for two parcels - a wicker chair and a computer monitor stand - to be collected by Parcel Monkey and Yodel respectively. I have used Parcel Monkey before and have always had a good service, so was happy to do so again.

Unfortunately, due to a mix-up, it picked up the wrong item (the stand) and then to make matters worse, managed to lose it.

To begin with I was told I would have to contact the courier that picked up the item, City Link, to claim a refund. I was then informed I would have to go back to Parcel Monkey.

I have lost £166 as a result of this. Neither company seem to want to accept responsibility and I feel like I have been passed from pillar to post. Please can you help?
SH/via email

A: Moneywise contacted both Parcel Monkey and City Link to see what had gone on. SH has clearly had a bad experience, which was then made worse when he was told the incorrect information about which firm he should claim from.

Both companies promised to investigate immediately and after the reader sent off a receipt to Parcel Monkey, the company was happy to provide him with a full refund for £166.

It was however frustrating for him that he only got the refund because of Moneywise's involvement.

"After I spoke to Moneywise I was contacted by the company on the very same day," he said. "The man I spoke to was very professional and said he wanted to get it sorted as soon as possible. I provided him with proof of sale and the refund of £166 came back to me very quickly. "

Despite a successful resolution, our reader told us Parcel Monkey has lost a customer. "I do a lot of buying and selling on eBay and I have to say I would never use Parcel Monkey again," he said.

"I can't rely on the goodwill of people like yourselves every time something goes wrong."

A spokesperson for Parcel Monkey declined to comment. Meanwhile, City Link confirmed the company has no direct contractual obligation with the seller and added that "the sender does also have a duty of care to ensure that our drivers collect the correct items".

Are you struggling to resolve a dispute with a company? We promise to do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of your problem. If you’ve been treated unfairly by your bank or are owed compensation for shoddy service, send your complaint to Moneywise’s Rob Goodman and he will take up the fight on your behalf.



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Had similar issues with http://www.parcelhub.co.uk, so spoke to the Citizen's Advice Bureau and issued a formal complaint (as our items were bulky golf equipment), eventually got a refund, but consumers should be in more of a position of power without having to rely on authorities.

I have been nothing but impressed by Parcel Monkey. I am thrilled to have come across the company

Parcel Monkey are a joke of a company - take a look on their facebook page nothing but disgrutled customers. I recently used this company to have two parcel delivered- both parcels were smashed to pieces and they are now refusing to pay out even though I insured the parcels. They used city link to deliver my parcels. Will never again use this amatuer company.  

I had an urgent package to go today for delivery tomorrow. waited in all day. Since I heard nothing from Parcel Monkey went into their website and found against my package Problem: Contact support. There is NO telephone number anywhere and it seems to even be ex-dir so how the hell ?  Had to carry on a conversation via their web support system. Despite them having my email and phone number no attempt was made to contact me at any stage to let me know there was a problem apart from this dumb web entry.  Still dont know what the problem was but my urgent package didnt go and parcel Monkey just didnt seem to care at all. ended up cancelling it and taking the package myself to the Post Office whom - never thought i would say - were a breath of fresh air and accepted it. Parcel now one day late - missed the deadline I had - had to pacify the receiver and swallow any extra costs. Still angry at the poor service.  Terrible company and think the only appropriate thing about this bunch is the name 'monkey' 

Absolute scum,
& they know it,
I posted some Xmas presents off to my daughter in Australia, I followed there tracking through to delivery, even showed me the signature from the recipient,”ROMEO” problem is my daughter & her partner were in the house at the time, & we could prove it.
when I told parcel monkey they told the courier, the courier then said they found restricted items in the parcel & would be returning it back to the UK (lies) nothing restricted, in fact it had cleared customs in both the UK & Australia, yet they decided to open our parcel & check (LIES) this is an attempt to cover the fact they were steeling our goods.
Parcel monkey tell me they are not a courier just a price comparison site & they are not in control of my parcel “yet they refused to give me contact details of the courier “so they are in charge of my parcel.
To make matters worse My daughters granddad has died suddenly on the 15th December 2014 & it has her last ever Xmas card & present in from him & still parcel Monkey don’t give a monkeys.
I’ll be posting all this on face book & You tube & anywhere else I can.please help by posting it ..
If you want a merry Xmas stay well clear of the Monkey
Terry & Deborah Sim Hexham Northumberland.
Best wishes to you all
Shocking service shocking support & shocking company.

Hi I had a parcel insured for £295 being sent to US.  I ordered the shipment on 27th Nvember and it was processed on 4th dec, it has since been showing as being with US customs since 15th Dec 2014.  This was an item some purchased from me on ebay, they have since opened a dispute as this is a ridiculous amount of time to wait.  I contacted parcel monkey on 10th January (I had been on holiday over xmas and new year), they told me they would look into, I sent more messages asking where it was and was told they would be in touch when they found out more details.  Today I asked to have a compensation claim to be made, and I was told I was out of date as you only have 7 days to make a claim after the scheduled delivery date.  I was never given a scheduled delivery date so I am unsure where this now leaves me.  Would anyone be able to give me some advice on what to do?
Thank you