Moneywise gets your money back - Ikea, Orange, Aqua

I waited for seven hours and Ikea didn't deliver

I ordered more than £300 worth of furniture from Ikea for my daughter as she is moving back now she's finished university. When I was in the store, I paid £39 for delivery and was told that the furniture would be delivered between 2pm and 9pm the next day and that the driver would phone an hour before his arrival.

It was the hottest day of the year but we waited in only to have nothing turn up and no phone call from Ikea.When we called the customer service number in the evening, it was closed.

We called Ikea twice the next day but were left on hold, listening to ABBA for 20 minutes, and couldn't get through to anyone who could sort it out.

Please can you help?

Moneywise says…

Our reader was quite rightly aggravated by the failure of such a major store to deliver on time.

Waiting in for seven hours for a delivery that doesn't turn up is clearly unacceptable.

The situation was also made worse by the fact she was going on holiday a few days later and was worried whether the furniture would be delivered in time.

Fortunately, when informed of what happened, Ikea responded quickly.

The complaint was fast-tracked after Moneywise got in touch the same day and by late afternoon Ikea had arranged for the furniture to be delivered in the evening after our reader returned home from work.

As well as that, the company offered her a £50 gift card plus two meal vouchers – leaving our reader satisfied with its response.

"We now plan to make an evening of it, have supper in Ikea and buy a duvet cover and floor lamp for my daughter's room," she said.

Gerard Bos, Ikea's customer relations manager, added: "We naturally want all of our customers to be happy with the service they receive, and we have been in direct contact with the customer to apologise."

Orange messed up my mobile upgrade

I ordered an upgrade for my mobile phone – an iPhone4 to a HTC Mini – from Orange on a Friday and arranged for it to be delivered the following day.

After waiting in all morning, the phone still hadn't arrived and after calling the company in the afternoon, I was told the delivery van had broken down but the phone would still arrive that evening.

Nothing came, so on Sunday I spent nearly five hours calling trying to find out what had happened. No one would tell me why the phone wasn't delivered and someone even said that the delivery van hadn't broken down at all.

The major issue was that at 4.30pm, the transfer of my phone from Orange to EE happened.This meant that my current – and only – phone stopped working.

It still isn't working and I have asked for Orange to cancel my upgrade and for me to keep my original phone.

I don't know what to do – I have been asked on about four occasions to write a letter to the company but I cannot be without my phone for such a long time.

Moneywise says…

Nowadays most of us simply cannot be without our mobile – whether it is for business or pleasure.

It is annoying for any long-term customer to be treated in this way, and especially galling after wasting an entire weekend calling a company and getting nowhere.

Our reader was expecting a call regarding hospital results over the weekend – clearly waiting on such a call added to her anxiety over not having a working phone. Unfortunately, after escalating her complaint via Moneywise, it still took our reader a week to get her phone working again.

A spokesperson for Orange said it had apologised to our reader and offered her a refund of the delivery costs and other compensation totalling £78.

It added that the company's courier service made a mistake with the original delivery and then an administrative error meant that the new SIM card was activated incorrectly.

However, it just goes to show that poor customer service can have a massive impact.

Our reader, despite being with Orange for eight years, is now planning to leave the company because of the poor service she received. "The entire service was horrific," she says.

"Now I am going to go elsewhere as I don't want to have to go through this again in the future. It has taken me another five or six telephone calls and emails to get the charges reimbursed.

"I think I would have been phoneless forever without your help."

Aqua held on to my cashback for six months

My husband and I are both Aqua credit card users as it has good reviews and gives cashback as well.

We received letters from the company in December stating it would be withdrawing the cards in January, so we cleared our debts and waited for our cashback to be debited to us. My husband only had £2.50 on his card but I had £100 owing.

Despite repeated chases and apologies, we still haven't had the cash returned. For some reason, Aqua is still sending us statements showing the cashback owed as well, despite the fact the account is closed, so we don't know what to do.

Please help.
MF/Milton Keynes

Moneywise says…

This has been a frustrating experience for our reader, who was been trying to get back what is rightfully hers for nearly six months. Cashback cards can be a great way for people to earn money when they spend and Aqua was offering an attractive 3% on customers' spending until January, when the accounts were closed and the cashback rate reverted to 0.5%.

Just a couple of days after Moneywise got involved, Aqua contacted our reader. The company apologised for what had happened and put the problem down to an "administrative error".

Our reader's money was returned to her a couple of days later.