Is your dentist ripping you off?

Many of us hate going to the dentist as it is, without having to worry if we're being overcharged. Johanna Gornitzki sinks her teeth into the subject.

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I went to a dentist in Australia in 1998 who gave me anti biotics for an infected tooth. I took the antibiotics and felt fine after and never went back. Several years later in the UK I went to a dentist because another tooth was infected. Again I was given antibiotics but I chose not to go back afterwards. Both dentists said that I should have root canal. Moving forward to 2009 I had a filling fall out in a rear molar. I had a temp one put in and had a discussion about coming back for root canal. Well two years later that temporary filling came out and the tooth cracked. I removed it myself quite easily as he had already killed the nerve under the temp filling in preparation for root canal. Another tooth has lost its filling on the other side but have kept it clean with mouthwash, regular flossing and stuff and had no problem with it. I believe this was the other tooth that had an infection a while ago which must have killed the nerve or root, maybe tooth is dead I don't know. However I am now in my 50's and don't think my teeth are going to be moving anywhere fast now and my smile is perfect and my teeth are fine otherwise.
I had a traumatic time as a child after an accident with an authodontist so won't go near dentists unless I really have to. I must be a lucky one as my teeth are strong and white and I look after them. I do drink lots of milk though.
What I am really saying is that I could have paid thousands for dental car over the years if I believed everything I was told. How are you supposed to know if you are being lied to or not or given nightmare scenarios that make you have work done.
Like a chyropractor I went to, telling you that you need to see them a couple of times a week for so many weeks etc and then come back for regular check ups. How do you know you need so much....

I've been with the same dentist for around seventeen years and pay through Denplan. The quality of treatment has been adequate and I'm happy to have not been propositioned to consider unnecessary work.
About six years ago my dentist reported that some older fillings had become 'buckled' and would probably need to be replaced within the next few months. I agreed but was not offered an appointment at that time. I mentioned this at the next few half-yearly checkups but couldn't get a straight answer so assumed there was a funding issue. Whatever might have been wrong wasn't causing me any discomfort so I let it slide.
More recently I've lost small areas of enamel from the sides of two teeth which had previously been filled. Food becomes easily stuck in the recesses and the sharp edge of one catches my tongue sometimes but there's no pain. The other is ok most of the time but is painful when I eat certain foods.
My dentist won't offer treatment for either tooth, saying in respect of one tooth that a crown would be an unnecessarily invasive procedure. He has never given me a direct response in relation to the other tooth.
The regular checkups seemed to be getting shorter each time. It takes me forty minutes to drive to the surgery and on the last visit, despite arriving early I was kept waiting for a further thirty minutes. The 'inspection' lasted around ten seconds as the dentist held my mouth open with both hands and declared my teeth healthy.
I suppressed my initial reaction, thinking it was better to go home and calm down. The final straw came with a recent increase in the monthly Denplan rate so two days ago I rang Denplan to say I was cancelling with them at least temporarily until I could find a new dentist. They agreed to suspend cover immediately but want payment for a further twenty one days and to this end will collect next month's DD payment of £18.42. I know we live in a culture of reward for poor service and incompetence but this is ridiculous.
Being almost half way through February I hadn't thought of asking for a 50% refund of the money already paid but now Denplan want to be paid for a future period of over six weeks or forty six days. I've cancelled the DD with my bank and if they push the matter I'll send them a cheque for £3.70 to represent a pro rata period of six days in addition to the fifteen days for which I've already paid, assuming of course that I can verify their claim.    

I was never in such situation, thanks God! But a very closed friend of my get ripped off this way when he decided to get his <a href=""> dental implants abroad</a>. But is wasn't the total fault of dentist, since my friend knew he need his dental surgery carry out a high level of risk, he go further and get it abroad.
There were some complications after few weeks he got back home and had to visit local dentist. He spend some extra money but finally he felt great.
Getting informed about dentists credentials and prices we decide  is very important, otherwise we can end up disappointed with the results.