Sort it out, TalkTalk


Please help me sort out my internet problems with TalkTalk. Despite more than two months of complaining – including writing to the chief executive's office and the visit of an engineer – my internet service from TalkTalk is as bad as ever.

As I write, my broadband has been disconnected for several hours and I urgently need to carry out some online banking and check in for a flight. At best, the service is intermittent, unstable and unreliable; at worst, it simply doesn't exist. This cannot continue. Please help.

John Graham/Liverpool


Oh dear, TalkTalk. Communications watchdog Ofcom's latest findings show that, for fixed broadband service, TalkTalk Group (which now includes Tiscali) generated the most complaints as a proportion of its customer base and the majority of complaints are about line faults and other service issues.

You'd think, therefore, that TalkTalk would be trying to restore some shine to its tarnished reputation. Apparently not. John wrote to the chief executive's office and senior technical team weeks after trying to resolve his complaint with TalkTalk's customer service – all to no avail. It didn't even help that he'd tried to make things easy for TalkTalk by listing the reference numbers of previous complaints he had made.

After Moneywise made TalkTalk's press office aware of John's gripes, it got back to us within a few days to tell us it had spoken to John, apologising for the inconvenience he's faced and vowing to deliver better service plus £75 in compensation for his woes.

In a statement to Moneywise, TalkTalk says: “We are sorry to hear about the problems Mr Graham has been experiencing. His service is now working and we have also provided him with appropriate compensation as a gesture of apology.”

A happy customer for now then but if John's broadband service lets him down once again, he knows he's got more chance of TalkTalk helping him if he goes via the press office – and this isn't how it should be.

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Your Comments

 My girlfriend had a lot of  problems with talk talk, starting with the £70 pounds instalation fee( router sent through mail and had to do it ourselfs!!) and then the service given by them was the worst i ever seen in my time! Broadband was at speeds of 100kbps or less and that was when it was working! the monthly fee was around 37 pounds.
Complained on behalf of my girlfriend untold times, as i cannot remember how many times i've called them to try to sort it out, on all of the calls , there was an automated service saying there was problem on my broadband, but costumer services excuse was i had to conect my computer straight to the router otherwise they couldn not fix it, or if they had to send an engeneer around we would have to pay.They then told me the router had problems so i asked for a new one, just to be told i had to buy a new one, because i was already out of warranty, as i had account for over 12 months... thing is i knew that was a lie, so i asked the costumer services person to tell me the date i started the contract , to the response i could not give me that information, when i said " the only reasn you cannot give me thet information is because you know i have less than 12 months on contract and you have to give me the router for free", believe it or not, the costumer service person disconected the call on me!
After many calls i was told contract would finish in february 2012, so i told them there and then, we would not be their costumers again, due to the service being poor, geting charged £37 pounds eery month for a service that we didnt get, and couldn't get out of because of a contract!!When february came, we cancelled the service, just to be told it would take 7 days to be disconnected, and so we agreed, just to find out 3 days later, when i get a full bill for the coming month. Called them again, just to be told that they didnt get any request for termination of service!! Very angry , we did it again, and we was told that it would be terminated in 7 days.....well, believe it or not again, 7 dys later , the services was still on, so i called them and was told again that there was no request for termination of contract, this time i got really pissed off, as i was told again the same story of 7 days, and that i will be charged for the time my  account was wainting to be disconected!! Now that's what i call a scam you cannot get out of!!
I tryed to get the 70 pounds instalattion fee, and i was told because io cancellled the direct debit , they could not pay us back, they were thinking we was going to allow them to take more money for us without giving us service and then would not refund the money.
I was told i would not get chargerd for anything else and i would not get another bill, well, last week we got a letter from talk talk with a bill, charging me for cancelling the direct debit when my contract was already expired.
I really dont want to call them again, as i suffer have 3 stomach ulcers that get worst when i get stressed or agitated, every time i called them i would be sick the whole day, please someone stop this company trading and i would like all the money back from them!!!