Say no to unfair charges

Many companies slap on an extra charge just for 'processing' our payments. But is this right, questions Johanna Gornitzki.

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worst of all are booking charges for theatres

virgin media charge £5 if you pay any other way than direct debit. i have mentioned this in virgins surveys which socially concious richard branson promises he will read and reply to the most important ones. well my problem must not seem very important to him because he never replies. i think as many of as possible should vote with our feet and leave these companys until they stop this day light robbery. i bet martin lewis would be interested too

Yes it is unfair Ryanair for instance makes more from my credit card in charges than the card provider!

Why to travel agents charge for using your credit card? Don't they make enough
commission on your holiday. Thomson's is the company

I am tired of everbody getting on the bandwagon and charging for whatever you seem to buy these days. We already pay high enough for the goods or services without extra charges which they era able to charge at will.and we have no say in the matter