Have you had a bad customer service experience?

If you've ever been left seething after experiencing bad customer service, then it's time to get your own back. Rachel Lacey explains how the Moneywise Customer Service Awards aim to celebrate the best financial firms - and root out the worst.

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Lloyds TSB Airmiles Duo Credit Card - appalling especially for American Express which advertises on service!

1_ Phoned to activate card - assured it had been then had to phone a week later as no transactions were going through, Told at that point no record of me ever having called

2_ Requested full monthly direct debit. Assured this was set up. Surprise no money taken - nothing set up when I had to phone back

3_ Letter of Complaint IGNORED! Completely IGNORED! Told that complaints had to be in writing - I guess as these are the easiest ones to IGNORE

4_ Almost 5 months on, three phone calls at least - still no airmiles voucher promotion despite repeated assurances with specific dates as to when it would be credited.

5_ Card now cancelled, requested to speak to Customer Relations told that I need "Concerns" department but that now my card was cancelled no response could be guaranteed.

Don't bother....

It has to be British Gas - only thing that amazes me is that they're still in business - appalling treatment by their customer services.

I've had a number of issues, including (but certainly not limited to): incorrect billing, totally unrealistic estimates, dropped calls, total confusion of staff, refusal to lower direct debits despite the fact I live alone, arguments over refunds due to the fact they have loads of my money as they won't lower my direct debits.


I had a debit card transaction declined so I phoned Santander and could not get the message across to the woman that I simply wanted to make a payment over the phone to a 3rd party using my card. I asked to speak to someone else and she told me I'd have to phone back to do that! I asked to speak to her supervisor and she eventually agreed - I was then left on hold for another 20 mins before I gave up.

T-mobile thro'Carpone Warehouse on a ccmbi ccntract.In a way it was my fault as I listened to a salesman and fell for words I did not understand.Never again.No more contract mobiles as they are too expensive for me.Ican use my computer and also with special people I love to write letters.
Carphone Warehouse had no recollection of my contract as T-Mobile had me on a high tariff which I tried to get out of but could not.
Before this I was with Vodaphone for years on a 'pay as you go' and home phone line.No problem but these 24mths and 18 moths contracts are a rip off.
Read on one of my EU EMAILS that tha EU are due to stop these long monthly contracts.
Will not bother me anymore as Iam never having another one.
Total rip off for people like me.

every time i go into my bank SANTANDER its terrible customer service long queus with only 1 cashier on.

recently got a Tesco credit card but despite reading their advertising it failed to mention that your credit limit is restricted and is only reviewed after 12 months.
be warned

Budget car insurance I have been trying to conntact them for the past 8 days on average of 3 hours a day on hold worst customer service I have ever had


Nationwide Home Insurance: Claim assessor was rude. So rude I had to ask for another one. Also he didn't report the details correctly so initially my claim was dismissed. Second claim assessor was also abrupt but tolerable but disregarded specifics despite her lack of knowledge about what my gutter was made of, telling me it was lead lined when really it was a Finlock concrete gutter. This led to my claim being heavily reduced to the minimum claim amount, merely that of interior redecoration, which they could not deny.
Finally, claim of redecoration was allowed but cheque took 36 days to arrive. I had to chase it twice, only to be told that the cheque had been sent from the assessors back to Nationwide? Upon complaining of this, the Nationwide sent out a letter of complaints procedure which arrived 3 weeks before the cheque did. To add insult to injury, when the renewal came around, it was double the previous year despite my having quotes from other insurances (claims permitting) being half the amount.

I want to report sheds world part of the world store group. They did not deliver within the stated time on their website , they use the excuse that they're van broke down, the contractors they use, Servico also let us down with this excuse, they use the health and safety issue to not do the job paid for. I have had a pile of wood masquerading as a shed (for which I paid over £500 for including £140.00 for installation ) sitting in my garden for nearly 2 months  and they are refusing to put it up . They ignore emails , I have spent a fortune in phone calls to them because they have ignored my messages. I have now asked for a refund for the installation as I have found someone else willing to do the job. My request has so far been ignored. DO NOT USE THIS COMPAMY. If I had read all the negative comments about them before hand I would not have touched them with a barge pole. BE WARNED !! 

I wish to report a scam which has left me seething for my own stupidity. I am going to USA next month to visit family and I neded to renew my ESTA. I logged on to what I thought was the official US site and completed the forms. I paid by VISA and received a receipt for $14.00 which was correct. However when I checked my bank statement I had been charged £89.00. After some research I discovered that I had logged on to a firm called estavista.org.uk which is an agency. I contacted them and was advised that they are an application verification and sumission service and they charge $140.00 for processing an application. They will not refund my payment. Clearly they have set up their webpage to look like the official site and the application is the same. PLEASE AVOID THIS COMPANY. they are parasites and prey on honest people. Their serch engines put them at the top of the pages when you search for ESTA. Whilst they are not technically acting illegally they are charging something in the region of £80.00 for an electronic appliaction which the US gov say should cost $4.00 BEWARE BEWARE      

The Lidl store in Abbey Wood in SE London has to have the worst staff ever working in one store...did manage to speak to their customur service about this and gave the store a secnond chance thinking it was just my bad luck to go there on a day whne there were awful staff working...no shuch luck....will never shop there again...would rather do a two bus trip to Bexleyheath and do my shopping there from now on.