Good customer service does exist

We all love to moan about bad customer service - but what about those shops that go the extra mile for you? Cathy Adams reveals her recent experiences.

Your Comments

What a brilliant informative video! I've much the same experiences, one of my friends, Rosie, was wearing exactly the same earings as you and they litrally just broke in her hands, I really hope the customer services at Topshop will live up to your recent results.

I would like to inform you that I popped into my local B& Q store in Hedge End Southampton and they were amazing. in the 7 years I have lived here I had never experienced such great service in store.
I was looking for a particular product and looked up towards the signage to see where it was located a helpful assistant, noticed this, approached me, located the relevant item, and even walked me to the tills. I was so impressed I did let the store know. Customer Service is key to repeat business and word of mouth is the best advert. WELL Done B & Q .

I had a fantastic experience with Sainsbury's.
I went into their store and purchased three products that, according to the labels were all in the same offer. When I check my receipt a few days later only two of the products had been included and the third had been charged at full price.

I took my receipt into the store and highlighted what had happened and they informed me that the product wasn't included in the offer and must have been labelled in error, but they wouldn't provide a refund. I didn't want to pursue it anymore instore.

I email the customer service team giveing them the details and without any arguement they gave me £20.00 of nectar points and were apologetic. They made me feel valued as a customer which is what any of us wants.

Great job Sainsbury's, happy customer! :¬D