Call centres are holding us to ransom

From confusing electronic switchboards to overseas operators, having to deal with call centres can drive you crazy. Rebecca Atkinson calls on companies to clean up their act.

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Aviva is the worst ever. I passed up a £75 cashback offer and 2 months free insurance when I found out how awful their call centre is. They use a voice recognition system. I'd much prefer to punch numbers to make selections. I hated Aviva's call handling system with a vengeance.

I can't stand those call centres that ask you to shout your account number, name or phone number before they'll put you through to someone who then asks you the same thing again.  So much for security, especially if you're in a public place.  Makes me want to scream!

PS Rebecca has fabulous legs :)

Jamie Crampton

Partner, Accounting 4 Fitness

I've given up using them. I now write to companies via letter. That way at least I know they get looked at by someone in this country and it only costs the price of a stamp rather than an 0870 call etc.
If everyone did the same they'd soon sort out their act.
Jed Stone

Companies should be made to state if they use non uk based call centres. I refuse to do business with the likes of Aviva and Zusirch who do

I always look up an alternative number on the website - search under various criteria and you can usually find an alternative landline non geographical number which can then be used using your free minutes on your mobile or after 6pm(soon to be 7pm) on most landline providers.