Should I switch service providers?

Can I get a better deal by switching?

Check out how much you could save by moving to another provider by using comparison websites such as, or the tools on

Is there any reason to stay with my current provider?

Service might be good or your provider might offer an incentive or product feature that's worth hanging on to. With some products, especially insurance, you may be able to use a new deal to secure a better deal from your existing provider.

Do I want to switch?

Although it's relatively easy to switch, you might have to get used to different processes with your new provider.

Will my new provider be any better?

If you're moving because you're unhappy with service, check you're going somewhere better. The Moneywise Customer Service Awards are a good way of finding out which companies have the most satisfied customers. 

Your Comments

I want to change gas and electricity suppliers. I;m currently with British Gas. I'm not sure if going to another provider will be cheaper as I've tried this before and just couldn't get a like for like comparrison. So how do I do a comparrison????


Dear All,

I am currently with Atlantic Electricity and gas for both of my services and recently received a letter stating that on the 14 Sep 2011 they wiil be increase Gas by 18 % and Electricity by 12 %. I am currently on a prepaid meter for my gas but pay a fixed amount by direct debit every month of £30.

Please can you advise me on how to go about finding a cheaper supplier and then switching.