Would you work a month for free to save your company money?

17% (3 votes)
83% (15 votes)
Total votes: 18

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how am i going to pay for things and theres thecost getting to work.

If it wasn't so sad it'd be funny.., companies or governments, the people at the top expect to get paid handsomely because they do things so much better.., then when the cards start to fall they expect the people at the bottom to still to support them.

Funny how the offer is, 'everyone give up one months salary', rather than, 'the management will live off the same wage as the worst paid employee for a year.'

Clever as they are, they don't seem to see that there is no spare if you're at the bottom.

I am the one responsible for paying the all the bills at home including the mortgage etc - my husband is off sick long-term and things are tight enough as they are.

So, the "management" expect their lowly workers to take a either a pay cut or zero pay for a month or two or three ... ? How does the "management" expect us to pay the mortgage, house bills, fuel for the car, monies for the bus/train fares, kids clothes etc etc etc ?

What I have not seen so far, from the "management", whether THEY can take a pay cut or better not be paid at all for the next several months and when the "economic" has got better NOT to be back paid for those months when they weren't paid. Afterall they show that they didn't really need it ... didn't they ?

When they hand back their Merc's, BMW's etc, which can keep the work force in employment for several more months. Well, why should they earnt them didn't they, otherwise how will they get to and from work and pickup their brats from school ?

But you can bet that that will never happen. Will it. Instead they will more than likely give themselves a pay raise for "what a wonderful idea"

No ... its us (low paid workers) that have to suffer from the highly paid morons that call themselves a management to keep them in work.

Capitalists asking others to perform an act of socialism? What has the world come to?

As 1 in 8 UK citizens work for themselves as do I the answer would have to be yes. I would have to survive without pay for the longer term goal of keeping my business alive.

I dont mind under the condition that my landlord will give me a free rent, the supermarket will not charge me for food shopping, the gym will accept my goodwill, and all utilities will be for free too!

+ free petrol, mobile phone bill, telephone, & broadband!!!

They would have to consider other ways to cover expenses such as travel and meal vouchers, or discounts. They should offer rewards elsewhere such as promotion and training that will keep people interested in the job. I think the main motivation of work is to earn money so its a bit of a strange proposal.

Not in a million years, if my company went bust I would find another job or work for myself. Companies show no loyalty in "tough" times so shouldnt expect any back. And "tough" times are only relative for a lot of companies (above SME level) anyway, e.g. "only" made $5m instead of $10m.

The ones at the top of the company that are taking home more wages in a month than employees earn in a year could give up a months wages no problem because it is the employees that keep them living the life of Riley and without employees their wage wont continue