Would you pay for online newspaper content?

5% (5 votes)
95% (102 votes)
Total votes: 107

Your Comments

If the newspaper online was a specified  intrest ;then I would pay online.Similar to pay T.V. :YOU FOR  OLNY YOUR INTREST.

I happen to see some ad that says that there is a way to post on newspapers for pennies. Possible?

I certainly would not pay. I had a special offer for the Times and managed to put up with it for a week, then concluded it was over priced. At present I read it, that will stop as soon as charging comes in.

If they charge i will switch to another online paper

The Times Is such a compromised paper its not even worthwhile paying for the hardcopy version. When its not promoting the Murdoch interest its normally just wrong. Pity it used to be a decent paper.

I thought you could already access the paper on line on payment of a subscription.  Does this mean you can now access this for just one day if needs be, i.e. when you can't get out to buy a hard copy?

Doubt many people will take this up to add to their daily hassle with internet downloads.

If the publishers want me to pay for an on-line edition I would  rather buy a physical paper.Mind you I probably wouldn't because I am a tight Yorkshireman!

I'll just move to a free web edition of a rival.

Murdoch can take a 'hike'!

I won't !!    

Typical of the moneygrabber Murdoch. . tell him to "get st**ffed". They encouraged to look at the news online now they want to charge us. . . nope! will find a free one to read.

No way! Would rather pop to the newsagent for a physical newspaper.

Online newspaper content is more ethical, environmentally-friendly and reduces our carbon footprint but nothing beats the traditional newspaper. I only spend about an hour or two a day web browsing but I have all day, infact all week to read the newspaper and there is no risk of computer crashes ! It might work for a website like Moneywise who operate online, but I think the paper copy is more well known and accessible, its also difficult to pay for news content when there is so many free sites who show news stories (e.g. aol, google)...However I always read Yahoo News so who knows what the future might hold ! .......

 No way!  I spend too much time already staring at the lap top screen, so would not wish to extend this.  Buying a paper and reading it at one's leisure is my ideal way of keeping up with the news.

I pay £2.00 for the Sunday Times which lasts me at least half the week.  I like to use news aggregators and read more than one newspapers opinion on any one story.

The only way that I would even consider paying is all other papers i.e. Guardian. Independent, Herald and Scotsman did likewise.

George Mc




If this came into force with immediate affect, No I wouldnt pay because there as so many other online resources out there with a huge variety of news from all over the world that are free.

NO i would NOT pay for online news content. I do not have any more money to throw at them, they managed till now. They start to charge they are getting to greedy they are getting enough money as it is. They should be greatful for the readers they have because its the best they are going to get. Soon as they start to charge its all DOWNHIll for them... yeh its true, just watch and good ridance to any fat pigs or cats or what ever they are.

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