Would you pay £240 a year for a current account?

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 If you are married with 2.4 children and live around the Manchester-London route, then a packaged account might be worth it. Outside these areas the 'perks' are less incentive and the travelling to avail these 'perks' is prohibitive!!
All the 'outings' perks seem to be around the above, asides from that, the 'included' insurances are cheaper to purchase directly oneself and even more cheaper if using a scahback site!!
Banking should be free, as they make a lot of money on the interest rates they charge for loans, credit cards, overdrafts and 'inter bank' transfers, where it takes upto 5 days for funds to go to/from your account (invested on the Overnight markets)!!
Banks could make even more money if they streamlined their services and made things faster!! 

I don't mind paying for a bank account provided they pay me interest of 50% of the overdraft rate and like on an overdraft pay interest on all the money in my account not up to some arbritary level. I also believe in S|anta Claus , the Tooth Fairy and politicians' promises.

If the banks can't make a profit on the interest they receive from all the millions they hold in current accounts they are even more useless than I thought.  Anything extra paid would just go to add to the banks' profits and therefore to the bosses ludicrous pay.

Banks make enough money as it is. If they need more reduce the big bonus's paid to their managers and do more to encourage savers by increasing interest rates.

In view of the pathetic Interest rates paid to savers, and the exorbitant rates they charge for most of their 'services', Banks already earn enough to be able to afford to continue free banking, provided they stop their profligate 'bonus' schemes.
When I was working I had to EARN a bonus, not have it written in my contract that I get a bonus even if I sit contemplating my navel all day!!
PLUS, my bonus was, or was not, paid as a reflection of MY performance, not of that of the company as a whole!! If I didn't get off my ar*e and get the work done - correctly - then I got little or no bonus, even on those occasions when the company declared it was willing/could afford to consider giving bonuses.

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