Would you look up a bank's complaints record before dealing with it?

Yes - customer service is very important to me
74% (25 votes)
No - product range and financial stability are more important for me
26% (9 votes)
Total votes: 34

Your Comments

I would be interested in finding out barclays complaints history as I suspect that despite being a big bank it is probably not that good at dealing with peoples problems. Not mine at least. But while I would want to know this information I don't think it would be enough to put me off using a bank. Now insurance companys is different. I would potentially base the insurance I buy on how good a company was for compalints and this is a problem I have faced in the past.


These big cooperations have been getting away with far too long and still are getting away with it.And not just banks,NHS,chain companies,shops,supermarkets need i go on.
Simple BAD MANAGED(Not just at the top) AND GREED.

I have been with Barlcays for a while now and have mixed feelings. I am displeased with the number of issues that need to be addressed, but I am happy when things are resolved. It's just that the issues arise in the first place, and it's like pulling teeth at times to get things corrected.
On the other hand, when I went to change banks a couple of years back, and went to Alliance & Liecester, it was worse: I moved a few weeks after applying, and A&L had not processed our paperwork yet. So I called, faxed and then posted hard copies of our address and information change. Yet they STILL sent all the follow-up forms, cheques and even card and PIN NUMBER to the OLD address! Thank God the new inhabitants were honest! And moreso, that we'd not yet put direct deposits in place for salaries etc. Needless to say, I contacted A&L and their excuse/answer was that they couldn't change the address until the account was opened and in place! WHAT RUBBISH!