Would you fly standing-room only if your fare was cheaper than seated passengers'?

Yes, anything to keep costs down
5% (4 votes)
Maybe, it depends on how much cheaper the fare is
7% (6 votes)
No, I don't care how cheap it is I wouldn't fly standing up
83% (73 votes)
Perhaps, for a short-haul flight
6% (5 votes)
Total votes: 88

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In the current Nanny State Health & Safety probably would not be amused.

Michael O'Leary will be charging passengers for wearing clothes next!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are they insane?????? Can you imagine the panic if something happened and they had to evacuate the plane quickly? Loads of standing room only passengers lying injured on the floor and in the aisles....and all the seated passengers trapped, waiting for the flames to reach them.

I think the head of Ryan air needs to be taken in for a mental exam...he's obviously off his nut!

Might as well if it reduces costs, pile a 1000 people in one plane to cut pullation as well.

Maybe hold a "Spelling Bee" throughout the journey too! 

I'd stand for short periods but I don't know any flights less than an hour, so no I wouldn't stand. 

O'leary is a genius. I wish everyone would stop moaning about Ryan air innovative pricing schemes. I would fly vertical for £4! (can't be bothered to log in to vote tho!)

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

no i wont do it what a greedy person...

no i wont do it what a greedy person...

What an idiot this greedy bastard is. Just imagine if there was air turbulence and the plane was being thrown all over the sky; just shows how much he cares for his customers doesn't it.

Maybe if he ( Mr O'Leary ) were to try it first, he would change his mind................but don't hold your breath.

The man said it as a joke.

Once again, this penalises the elderly & disabled Dangerous & stupid.

Never ever

will it cost money to breathe soon

I bet Ryanair would charge u a pound extra to take part in that even

Despite the fact that the article says that over the shoulder seat belts would be worn by these passengers it is still dangerous.  I can just see them ripping out the seats only for the standing area to be empty half of the time - what a waste!

It would also serve them right if people started to refuse to pay for the toilet and used any container they could find on board!  I guess it would also make people think twice about buying drinks on board too so it would be a false economy.

Why do you think Cabin Crew clear the cabin and get everyone sat down with their seat belt fastened - it is for safety reasons - I have been cabin crew in turbulence and I can assure you it is not pleasant standing even for a short time whilst I made sure everyone else was safe - it is a ridiculous idea and one that will never been approved by the CAA.

O Leary is a greedy fool, how much more money does he want to try to squeeze out of his 'customers'. Think he has made more than enough to live very happily on for the rest of his days!

no i wouldn't stand, if i was on a long haul flight, could i stand for 8 hours, risking fatigue and muscle strain to save a few pounds? there must be a 100 seats on the airplane for a reason ! i dont think it would even work on a short haul flight, ok we stand at concerts, we stand in queues but i would feel a bit air sick and i need something to lean on eventually and will my view be better...who knows ? ...please don't publish my comments

This will NEVER happen, it's TOTALLY against any sort of Air Safety Rules & Regulations.

If there was turbulence, standing passengers would be strapped in the same as seated passengers and crew - they would not be hurtling around the cabin - wise up will you.

The brilliant Mr. O'Leary is proposing this for flights of UP TO ONE HOUR, and in any case Ryanair don't fly longhaul as yet. Have you stood on a bus or a train or a tube ever????????????????????????

This won't happen. All it is doing is generating free marketing for RyanAir.

It brings a whole new meaning to the term "cattle class". Having squeezed all those extra passengers in, where are they going to put their hand luggage? Or will they be forced to pay for putting it in the hold? Nothing O'Leary suggests should ever be taken at face value.

Being as the standing passengers' feet would be on the floor (!) I imagine that the overhead bins would still be available for hand luggage.

The sums don't add up. O'Leary's idea presumably is to cram as many people into the plane as possible. Unless they install more overhead lockers there won't be enough space. Can you see them doing that? They can't even put a pocket on the seat in front for you to put your papers etc in. Well that would add to the cost of the plane wouldn't it...

Presumably O'Leary put out this idea as a "feeler" to get reactions from every source - including passengers.   As a passenger, I think it is the daftest idea yet and Ryanair (who got the lowest mark (0/10) of all the cheapo airline reviews in today's Daily Mail) will never get elf n safety approval.  Not only that - but I wouldn't want to be in a plane in a seat that has standing passengers wandering about. 

Well an hour's flight would be all very well, but what happens if you're delayed on the runway for hours or stacked for landing. Presumably you would still have to board before the plane would be cleared for take off on time.

with the new all body scanners it would speed up security checks if we all turned up with our clothes off anyway.  We could put our clothes in the clear little plasic bag they give you!!!