Would you consider switching to Metro Bank?

Yes, because it seems they want to put customer service first
26% (7 votes)
Yes, if the rates are competitive
30% (8 votes)
No, I wouldn't trust them
11% (3 votes)
Maybe, once it has been established for a while
33% (9 votes)
Total votes: 27

Your Comments

Banks are still ripping us all off after nearly bringing the world economy to the point of collapse. About time someone came along to give us somewhere else to go. I would go with them just to stick 2 fingers up at all the other banks. 

Whilst the 'Market' needs competition & NEW IDEAS, I will stick with my 'Mutuals'

[The Nationwide Building Society and the Cooperative Bank.]

For Equity Based Investments 'Discount Brokers' Such as Hargreaves Lansdown meet my needs at a fairer price.


Having recently switched and found it a very painful experience - direct debits not paid for loans, credit cards, council tax, bank unable to put things right, etc. (despite using the "switching service") I have changed back to my old bank and there I shall stay!  Nothing to do with how good they are but I will not pay the penalties for things that aren't my fault (I was refunded them all after a lot of work).  Not the fault of those companies that went unpaid, I appreciate that, but not mine either.  It is too much hassle to change, and it's that simple!!