Would you be happy to work past 65, now that the default retirement age is to be scrapped?

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I think the default age of 65 should remain but people should be given the choice of whether they wish to continue working after the age of 65. I don't think the minimum age should be highered to above 65.

Coundlt agree more - I dont want to sit at home doing nothing - especially as I am now without my husband who died reently - so no retirement for us!

Most of us after retirement age are forced into a poorly paid menial task

hi.fully in agreement if they scrap the retirement age.i am 67 still fit and well and throughly enjoy working on.keeps the mind and body both stimulated and healthy.

It's good if someone wants to work past their retirement age, but it shouldn't be compulsory. I agree that if people are forced to work longer this reduced jobs available to the younger generation.

With most companys activelly dicouraging working past 50 this ia a no brainer

I have been told that I could still be retired at 65 because something in the employement laws gives employers the right to terminate my employement aged 65 is this correct .

yes there i am in favour of it generally but there canbe drawbacks ,poorly performing
pensions and trusts.stop being lazy ,incompetent and complacent!
Effort and initiative rewardedas against laziness and complacency.

At 65 many manual worker are feeling the strain and slowing down, I don't know many Plasters who get past 60.
As for companies not being able to retire people it will cause many problems.Lots of people begin to get past their best but will be top earners in the company blocking positions for younger more able staff. At present company's can continue employment after 65 if they so wish.
I remember British Airways having the oldest "trolley Dolly's" flying and what problems that caused. Company's will be forced into issueing short term contracts to all their employee's.The BBC will have the oldest news presenters and weather girls. I am all for older people working if they want to but they should not have to work till they drop, there lots of young unemployed, the older people should be prepared to train their replacements and enjoy their remaining years however they wish.

Why should people work after 65?
One must have some part of their life to enjoy, reflex and just chill out.
After the age of 65 one does not know when something major healthwise would hit them.
We worked all our lives for this special time.
It is now up to the younger generation to start providing for they're golden years and apy whatever it takes.
We did what was asked of us at the time.
Young people today are not taking part in anything that provides for their future
They seem to think SEX and BABIES is the answer.
In 2011 MEN still have the upper hand in everything including the lives of women and these young girls don't even seem to notice or want to do anything about it. Why in 2011 is a man beating the daylights and even murdering their partners still called DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND WHEN THEY HIT EACH OTHER IT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE
we the baby boomers did everything to make our lives better and we cannot be expected to fight anymore if young women dont care

I ceased work at 62 purely because I have angina. My doctor suggested it would be advisable as my health was deteriating. I was a workaholic and I never intended to stop until 70.

after being made redundant at the end of September at nearly 60 and cannot get a job for love or money and being put through hoops by the jobseeker people just to claim £65 a week,after having never claimed in over 40 years of working. I still have to wait till 61plus till I can get my state pension.not happy

In the rush to extend the working life of older people the advocates are giving scant regard to the lack of avaiable employment for younger people.
If as I do you can live reasonably comfortably on a pension make way for the next generation . if you wish to continue working there is no end of voluntary organisation looking for help

The government should leave the retirement age alone, they say statistics show that people are living longer, then on the other hand say that more and more people are becoming obese, so surely more obesity equals sooner mortality, so therefore people are living shorter lives than the government want us all to believe. It is all a government plot to make the public believe what isn't true.

Enough is ENOUGH! I am a manual worker and my joints are knackered"

Let us retire as expected and provide work for the youngsters. They need this.

They really would like you to step straight from work into a coffin, having never been ill !!!

this increasing the retirement age is going to backfire big time on the government of the day. People who have been in heavy manual work, fast paced high pressure jobs, jpbs that require 200% active brain and body power all their lives are not going to be stilla ble to do it when they are past mid 60's, Sickness and other benefits will have to be payed intead of pensions so no gain for the government. The brain and body do slow down considerably with age and people should be able to enjoy their active retirement years doing waht they want to do rather than waht someone else wants them to do. I am in the age group that this will apply to and i think it is unfair that my generation should after working more intensly and pressurised then previous ones that we shouyld have to continue doing so for even longer

My husband is a manual worker like you (56 yrs old) and his back and joints have had it, cannot carry on doing manual work until 70. The thought of doing it until 65 is bad enough. Need to make way for the younger generation, especially in the building game. Its OK if like me (office worker) no problem to work longer, but we should be able to retire together so that we can spend quality time together. There's not enough jobs out there now so retirement age should come down, not go up. The new generation need to be able to work as well.

There really was no option but to do this.
They have had to do this as they have done the EVIL thing of increasing the age for state pension to 66 beginning in 2018 and completed by 2020.
So if they hadn't done it, what would people aged 65 do without a job and without a pension?
Nasty millionaire MPs have once again shown their selfish and "stuff the poor" attitude to the population.

An MPs priorities are:
1. To him or her self to get as rich as posible
2. To their party
3. Lastly to the people of the country.

Yet another example of this countries ever increasing dictatorship it was not that long ago there was talk of the retirement age being reduced to 55yrs. The argument then was to give the young people coming into the workplace a chance to experience work before they had a chance to relax into a jobless routine. (A principle that should stand right now)
Why should people work after 65? After 45 of ones finest years devoted to Queen and Country!
One must have some part of their life to enjoy, reflex and just chill out. Walking, cycling, gardening and cooking can be as cheap as you want it to be.
After the age of 65 most people have worked around 45yrs surely that should be enough of anyones life committed to work and supporting the finances of this 'tax happy' country. One does not know when something major health-wise could hit them. Everyone should experience some part of their adult life away from the chains of employment. To those people that say they would become bored I say this. "Get a life" I worked in a highly pressured job as a police officer for 33yrs before that I took on a trade apprenticeship. I have on many occasions witnessed fellow workers saying. "I am glad to be back at work - days off - I am so bored" You get one chance at life on this earth if you feel you want spend that working 40+ hours a week well good for you, sado. I on the other hand intend to spend as much time as I am able enjoying the simple and inexpensive pleasures. When I retired my wife and I took stock of our out -goings we made several changes to our routine in order to accommodate the lack of good money and although it is not easy we are doing alright - all of my 'stress related' elements have passed and I feel great. After 33yrs I haven't missed to Police job for one moment since leaving.
When you have worked for around 40+yrs of your life you should automatically qualify for a future of retirement and should automatically be supported until your death by whatever government is 'ruling' at that time.
So come on you people look outside of the circle, life is good but it gets even better when you take time out for yourself! Don't be 'brain washed' by the governments 'idea of the day', when all of our younger generation all fully employed, then only should the over 65's get a look in - give youth a chance!

Yes David, save the jobs for the younger generation. We work to live not live to work. Anyone who can say they are bored in retirement are sad people. Get out there and enjoy life and help others through voluntary tasks.

I retired when I was 60 and 6 months. I am not welathy by any means but have made a great effort to be active. I meet friends, go to the gym and have time to do things that work normally restricts you. My husband just scrapes through to be able to retire at 65, and cannot wait for the day. He has a manual job and works very hard. All the people who say that they enjoy working after 65 good luck to them but not everyone wants to work after 65. Also there are younger people out there who cannot find work, so I say think about them

I am glad I am already past retirement age as I would not want to work past 65. I retired as soon as I hit 60. I had worked in full time employment for the whole of my working life except when my daughter was pre school age but as soon as she was settled into school of necessity I returned to work. Granted I always worked in an office so it was not physically tiring but nevertheless I had had enough come 60 and felt I had done my share. I would not want to return to work now aged almost 70 and I do not see why other people should have to work past 65 unless it is of their own choice. It is bad enough that it can be at the whim of their employers on reaching a statutory age. No, I definitely think it should be your own decision for whatever reason you choose. Financial reasons apart if you are fit enough then work if you want to but I choose not to, I've done my fair share down the years and a fairly comfortable retirement is my own reward to myself.

It should not be compulsory. Keep the retirement age but people who wants to work should be allowed to do so. Some people find it better to carry on working to be active.