Would an early election help or hinder the economy?

60% (53 votes)
40% (36 votes)
Total votes: 89

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Brown should step down and let the people decide who should be ruling this country. The sooner the better I say. An election and hope of a more unified government can only help the economy.

The present Government is unable/unwilling to make the difficult decisions that are necessary to sort out the weaknesses in the economy and to tackle public sector debt because these decisions will be unpopular with the electorate. By holding an election now the incoming Government, of whatever description, will no longer inhibited by a pending general election from taking the necessary action. Given this, an election held now will be of benefit to the economy in the long run.

Well I say let Labour carry on with the work they are doing to sort the economy out after all Rome wasnt built in a day!

We are an impatient Nation are we not?  We know the economy will take time to recover so who exactly do you suggest is most suitable for the job and are you certain!?  I personally would not want a change at this stage as stability comes from within and it seem us Brits are determined to cause instability in all ways at the moment.

Keep Gordon in and Im sure he will fix it! Perhaps a new Chancellor may be a good idea!?

I dont know the answer but we had a time of it in the 1980s but we must learn from then that things dont get put right over night and now its world wide so be patient! I am saving as much as I can for a rainy day, budgetting and cutting back on luxuries so I think we must all do the same and I have not had a payrise either! but am glad to be in a job no matter what!

If only there was someone else or party that could do any better then I would say he should stand down.   Need to see how the recession goes before making rash decisions.

let Mr Darling do his job, the economy is slowly recovering. Why change now?

Rome wasn't built in a day! What rubbish, we have had 10 years of "building" or was it demolishing? The fact that this government, to look good, have had no controls on finance, and lending, have allowed the irresponsible to borrow well beyond their ability to repay,has got us into this mess. The fact that we virtually own nothing ourselves means that we are linked with America and the rest of the world,who have been doing the same. Thus this government can try to blame a worldwide problem as being the cause. This government is the cause of our problems. Browns financial expertise seems to consist of being able to borrow vast amounts of money, that several successive governments will have to repay (that means we will have to cough up the money) using our devalued money because Gordon has printed so much more of it.

             Can anyone remember when we had a labour party? we haven't had one for over 10 years. "New labour" meant "The Blair & Brown" party, the old labour party members didn't know what had hit them, but at least they were in power and were getting their expenses,I feel that they were conned like the rest of us, but they shouldn't have been, they could, and should have done something about it. What problems would getting rid of Brown and this lot do? Instability? we couldn't get in a worse mess if we didn,t have a government at all.



I believe that an election at this time would hinder economical progress. Whilst not enamoured by Brown and Co they have taken action which does appear to be making slow progress. Had the Banks been more proactive many of the repossessions/failed businesses could have been prevented.

In addition, other than seeking an election weekly (BBC PMQ) do we really know what the Conservatives/Cameron have to offer in the way of solutions? For weeks now Cameron has only told us of Labours/Browns failings not how they would solve the problem.

"Better the devil you know "comes to mind.

I believe that the economic policies being carried out by Brown and darling are correct.  We MUST spend our way out of the recession.


Doing nothing, or cutting back on expenditure, would lead to much higher levels of unemployment with all that entails.  It is far better to spend on infrastructure projects now than to spend just a little less on paying unemployment benefit to the same people.


The policies are right, but Brown just can't get this over to the people.  We need a different leader with the same policies, but that leader must have persausive powers and charisma.

c vowles

              i admit to giving this lot my vote at the last election only to feel let down so often,i shall never ever give my vote to labour again, we need an election now, labour seem to have run out of road, with no new ideas, no leadership, no nothing, apart from a load of lies, how i do regret in allowing my vote to the worst party in my living memory.



Brown is getting the title as, the worst PM in history. He is sunk the Labour party with out any help from anyone else.

He needs to go now.

We've all got more important things to do than down tools and have a general election now. Bring it on in May 2010.

Does any one out there really think more of the same is the answer? This rotten government will be crushed and so they should be.
They have ignored the electorate at every turn and paved the way for the BNP!
Darling's projections on debt are laughable, the debt we are now racking up will take 20+ years to pay off.
What gets me most is that they were warned by the IMF and the World Bank about excessive debt, the housing bubble and the goverments reliance on the city to prop up it's wasteful spending.
What did Brown do... Nothing. Oh and remember all those budgets when Brown was chancellor and he stood there with that fake grin pretending to be giving back to the people when all along he was hitting us with stealth taxes.
Now its our turn to hit you back!
We have been lead to this point and now the people responsible pretend it's not their fault, they think if they keep saying 'global' then we'll just forget that they were at the helm.
Those of you out there who are still working and are thinking things aren't so bad, let me remind you the debts are still mounting and we haven't even begun to address them and unemployment is forcast to exceed 3 million.
We face many years ot cut backs and tax rises thanks to this bunch of fools.
Labour have broken this country

You know I take it all back, you are right! In fact I had an about turn at the election and did not vote Labour in fact you would be shocked by who I do vote for as even I have seen the light now! Lets just say 2 more MEPs are now in power and you know what I dont actually believe they are a racist party and believe that they will have a greater following, As they say WE ARE FULL no more into the country creaming off our free benefits and NHS and housing! NO NO NO! Take action now! British people are those who are either born here or are working here and contributing to the countries taxes etc, and they have a point! so yes support all  race equality and diversity for the British citizens and stop illegal immigrants coming here for good!