Would a computer glitch like NatWest's make you leave your bank?

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And we wanted to get rid of cheques because computers and cards were so much better  .....

I left NatWest years ago when I wanted cash one Saturday morning ( this was less usual then) and they wouldnt help.I closed my account and moved elsewhere even though I had been with them from my teens
The current so called glitch makes me worry about ALL Banks as they probably have similar systems.They need to upgrade PDQ as this is just another negative feature of so called modern banking.
Best stick to a Bank with no shareholders like the CoOp or Nationwide?

Anyone who relies on the internet for banking, without having a backup plan is a fool. I cannot see what else the Bank could have done, these things do happen and they were quick to apologise and to assure customers no-one will be out of pocket. I also have banked with them since they took over the District Bank many years ago and they refused me a loan for a car, but it did not make me throw my teddy out the cot. 'To err is human, to forgive is not our policy' seems to be the motto these days.