Will you be using your ISA allowance this year?

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I'm only using the cash part of my allowance.

As far as I can see there are no benefits to me in using the stocks and shares part. I'm a standard rate income tax payer and will make sure I don't get caught for capital gains tax. CGT can easily be avoided by trading each year rather than rolling up the gains for many years before selling the entire holding.

In answer to GUEST (NOT VERIFIED), after 10 years of investing the full ISA allowance (£10,680 in 2011/12), you would have invested over £100,000 and it's very likely that you'd exceed your entire CGT allowance in just one year's profits if the money was invested outside of an ISA.

If you choose to keep the money in an ISA wrapper, you're not only protecting yourself from any future CGT demands, but importantly profits on an ISA are not required to be declared on a Tax Return.

It would be relatively easy to build up a portfolio of over £1,000,000 over the course of 20-30 years if you target 15% annual growth, assuming you invest the full ISA allowance each year. If your portfolio was to reach this sort of level, you might feel differently about investing in an ISA than attempting to liquidise your profits every time they approach the CGT limit.

The question would have been better phrased if you could distinguish between Cash and S&S ISA's. I normally split mine 50/50 nut this year have invested it all in Stocks and Shares because of poor short term cash interest rates and the prospect of future rises.

I have acquired serveral 1or 2 year ISA's with Nationwide and each time they come up for renewal I am unsure if I can transfer them so they keep rolling with NW at not good rates.Can I transfer them just before they expire or during there term. I would really like to amalgamate them all.

i to,dithered,last year,over whether to put all my isa allowance into shares,ended up,sitting on the fence,and split it 50/50.the cash isa part grew at the 3%promised,giving me a profit of approx.£165.the share part i invested in standard life,uk smaller companies,result?that £5,500,now stands at £7,750,a return,i beleive,of something like 40%,not guaranteed,i know,but,how much more exciting/thrilling,and,rewarding,dont make my mistake,and sit on the fence,go equity,think long term,and,hold your nerve!