Will you be opening a junior ISA for your child?

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I understand that if a child over the last almost 10 years has received a Child Trust Fund Payment between 1 Sept 2002 and 2 January 2011, then they are unable to contribute to a Jisa. Therefore none of your poll options cover this scenario and I am unable place a vote because there is no suitable option 'I would open a Jisa, if I could, but I can't!'
To me, this government ruling will prevent the majority of children born over the past 10 years - and therefore a nonsensical ruling.

Re Junior ISA poll......

I currently save 20 pounds per month for my grandson in his Child Trust Fund and would have liked to open an ISA for him but I understand this is not possible.....perhaps you should have put an option 'NO - as I already contribute to the child trust fund I am not able to open a Junior ISA'

I do wonder if the Child Trust funds will attract a decent interest rate from the banks as they know they have a captive market and do not need to increase rates to keep their customers !!!

Shares are staggering from crisis to crisis, and will do for the next ten to twenty years. Cash is worthless.
A JISA will only put hard earned cash into the hands of an 18 year old loose cannon.
Univerity fees? Possibly. The beer is cheap in the student's union.
Deposit on first house. Unlikely. Kids see mortgages as a life sentence.
Remember? It will never happen to us!.
Sex, drugs and rock and roll - now you're whistling Dixie! Or anything with a turbocharger and a dump valve. Let them have access at your peril. Their parents dug the first Trillion hole, God knows what their prodigal offspring will do.
Grumpy old man, that I am, I've opened Virgin child pensions for both my new born grandsons. I won't be around to see them collect it, but at least they should have something to collect after 68 ( or 78?) years. CTF accounts are locked in, so my other two Grandchildren will get ripped off by the Banks unless the Gov't allows transfers at some stage. Unlikely, as they probably are already Directors in the Banks, and will need the funds for their own retirement.

the children born over the last ten years have the option of contributing to their CTF - the reality is that this is fairer to all children