Will you be claiming Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) compensation from your bank?

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I read what it provided and concluded it was a ripoff. I never bothered with it at all. The cover was basically for one years payments and for that you paid one years extra payments in premiums. Cover, there was none!

If people are so weak that they are unable to say No to something they neither want or needed then it should not be down to our nanny state to defend them. People are often persuaded to buy things they don't need and sometimes cannot easily afford and not just financial related products.  It is time for people accept the consequences of their actions. With regard to people who actually benefited and claimed under their PPI insurance, should they be obliged to repay any money received. Of course they won’t because it was insurance and that is how it works. Can I have my car insurance premiums back as I have never made a claim in over 20 years so clearly, I didn’t need it, I rest my case.

Buyer beware.

You'd have to be a mug to take it out in the first place. The people who did, and who want to try to claim compensation, should first have to pay a fee (of say about £50) to discourage time wasters with frivolous claims.

I have recently had a telephone call where someone told me I was owed money from PPI and did I know what is was? I replied that yes I did know what it was as I have worked as a financial advisor but, in any case, I had never taken any out. He just laughed and rang off. Just don't get sucked in.

when you get p.p.i and you dont need it why should you be able to claim it back .if you are daft enough to accept anything you havent asked for you are daft enoughto payfor it tough tit be stronnger next time won,t you

I currently have a claim for mis-sold PPI with Lloyds. I have been reading the Moneysaving Expert Forum on a daily basis and Lloyds are the worst bank to get results from, Lloyds are taking the longest time to refund. Every other bank mentioned on the Forum appear to be refunding there customers within few weeks. Lloyds have mis-sold PPI to thousands of loyal customers and they should have the courtesy of repaying this as soon as possible but instead they appear to be hoilding onto the money for as long as possible, this is not acceptable. I have been with Lloyds for over 13 years but after this experience I will be soon changing my bank :(
I have read the above comments and its called mis-sold PPI for a reason, many people were not aware PPI was added in the first place, at 19 years old I did not have any financial knowledge but naive to think my bank manager had my best interests.

It must be superb to be so smart and able to say no but have you thought of all the elderly people or the very young and inexperienced who do not have a clue about financial matters. I work as an accountant but am tolerant of those who know very little about finances.

Get off your high horse and consider those who are not so well informed.

Have any financial knowledge but naive to think my bank manager had my best interests.Mobile Card Machines