Who should be most responsible for ensuring people save for retirement?

The government
24% (20 votes)
4% (3 votes)
73% (62 votes)
Total votes: 85

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Primarily the individual is responsible for pension provision, idealy with incentives from the Government.

I also believe that the Employer has a responsibility to encourage an Employee to make provision especially if he too must contribute. Especially now when during their working lifetime an Employee may have numerous Employers.

A further point relative to the low-paid/minimum wage earners, to my mind, both the Goverment/Employer have an obligation to devise a system between them which  would prevent these catagories from entering the poverty trap in retirement.

Whilst saving should be the responsibility of the individual, unfortunately too many individuals don't take responsibility, or don't realise just how much they need to save.

It must be doubly difficult for those who struggle to save, when their neighbours are living for the moment on the same income. Some struggle all their life, others spend everything only to leave the state to pick up the pieces.

As long as the government, or the taxpayer, continues to provide a safety net (through benefits) they have a responsibility to do everything they can to ensure that as few people fall into the net as possible.

I agree that it needs to be the individual's reponsibilty but I do think that the Government could make it easier for us. I am a female aged 50 who has spent many years working hard to ensure that I will have sufficient savings for when I retire. This has meant going without things in order to meet my savings targets. I had the intention of retiring just a couple of years early and having enough saved to tide me over until I got my state pension - originally at 60! However, that age limit has since increased and, could potentially increase again to 66 or worse. This leaves me disappointed and having to work longer in order to cover the gap. My point here is that no matter how well you plan for your retirement it is never really enough.