Which political party offers the best deal for taxpayers?

21% (26 votes)
62% (76 votes)
Liberal Democrat
13% (16 votes)
3% (4 votes)
Total votes: 122

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I am old enough to remember that the Tories got unemployment up to todays level and beyond just by their own policies that took a world wide financial near meltdown under the current goverment

Mrs H, Southport.


Yes I agree with the comment above, I can not vote for David Cameron and the Conservative Party, not after the Thatcher years and after this weeks conference - oMG! nooooooooooo way! I will be voting labour as I dont think there is a better party out there to sort out this mess.

People seem to have a short memory. Prior to Mrs.Thatcher's term as P.M., The U.K. was the laughing stock of Europe. Strikes and more strikes crippled the economy, and delivery dates of goods ordered from European companies were never kept. Mrs. Thatcher sorted out the Unions, and most importantly managed to re-build Britains reputation as a reliable trading partner. If that isn't enough to convince anyone, try and remember the historical facts of Socialism which the Labour Party supports. Countries with socialistic governments did not prosper, those with capitalism have! Socialism is against the competetive nature of humans. May the Tories win next year!

I too remeber the last Tory government and there is no way i'd want to go back to that.  I can't say i'm over enamored with the way things are at the moment but Labour did pull around the catastrophic mess left by the Tories.  Also as a Public Sector worker i'm not happy about having a pay cut, because that's what a pay freeze is, while the Financial / Private sector who got us into this mess, aren't required to cough up at all. 



I too remember the Thatcher years and her successors. High unemployment, high interest rates, no minimum wage. People have short memories and sadly we have a lot of our population who care for nobody else, except themselves. The tories will certainly see themselves all right, while the rest of us suffer. Cameron and his associates will never be in touch with the working man. God help us!

My husband and  I have seen 3 labour governments and would not give you thanks for any of them.  Where have all the tax reliefs gone under  Labour - Miras for people with mortgages, married mans allowance for example.  Tax free investments have been stifled and only recently proposals have been put forward to increase allowances.  Another tax hype is the Power of Attorney! We fortunately took out the enduring power of attorney which cost us £80 each and now under the Labour new Lasting Power of Attorney it costs over £1000 each!!! Everything Gordon says is spoken with a forked tongue.  This country is in big trouble with a massive debt which has been caused by Labour and whoever gets into power has to pick up the tab. Labour will be taxing us to breathe next!!!!!!!

How can anyone even think of voting Tory with boy david in charge, Gordon Brown has just been voted international statesman of the year, are we the only country which does not appreciate him and what he is doing to get us out of what is a global problem. ???? 

we the older people remember the conservative when they were in power please not again

 For our family it is never about which party and just stick to that, but our own experience. We run our own business and have had 10 very good years.Actually better than under the Conservatives. Both our daughters in their late 20's are doing really well. Every one we know and mix with, even now, all have jobs and still go on holiday and do whatever they want. No one we know, believes for one minute, that this crisis we are in is an invention of the current goverment, it nearly all falls at the feet of the Bankers and financial institutions here and abroad, who took ridiculous gambles to get larger and larger bonuses. 

Justified criticism certainly would be that the regulatory bodies did an awful job on this Goverments watch, and they must take the flak.  It now is coming out that RBS,(Nat West included) and the Halifax, and the Bank of Scotland, because of their own Director's decisions, nothing the Goverment actually made them do, were within hours of folding completely. Some credit must be due for the way is was handled.

The current goverment may not be ideal, maybe a long way from it, but the Conservatives  created  very similar  problems by their own deliberate actions and policies. I remember Norman Lamont so clearly pushing up interest rates 5% in one day and spending over £4 billion in 48 hrs trying to keep us in the ERM. David Cameron was an adviser in the treasury at that time. We could not possibly vote for that track record

I'm old enough to remember the total disaster of Labour policies when Denis Healey was Chancellor.  Gordon Brown carefully reminds us of the Thatcher era which he mistakenly believes was a bad time but never mentions that previous Labour administartion which created all the problems that Margaret Thather had to sort out. 

We need honesty and not "spin",  Gordon Brown was never elected to run this country and is well past his "sell by" date.

The Tory Party Conference was a "breathe of fresh air" - they sooner they become the Government the better.

I'm old enough to remember when there was a labour party. The current government are just conservatives under another name. As a public sector employee, a teacher, I have had a pay freeze this year, so no change there. We seem to be living in reverse Robin Hood land, freeze our pay and let the bankers get away with robbery!!

Short memory! Neither was John Major when he became prime minister after the Conservatives stabbed Margaret Thatcher in the back. Did not see him calling a general election.Quite right about the time when Dennis Healey was Chancellor though.

There seems to be a lot of Labour-support (or at least anti-Conservative jibes) within these comments which is both surprising and concerning.

There are also a lot of posts which commence with "I'm old enough to remember..." as if that gives some people the moral high ground.

For the record, I'm also old enough to remember (see what I did there?) and can recall Gordon's tax raid on pensions, the switching of National Insurance from a capped amount to an uncapped percentage of salary and also year-on-year above-inflation increases in council tax.

I don't thank Gordon for steering us straight into the near-collapse of the UK economy and I certainly don't thank Gordon for landing each & every one of us with a huge amount of debt.

What people here have to remember is that the Conservatives won't be voted in during next year's General Election, it's more a case of Labour being voted out and the Conservatives winning by default, just as it was with the Tories in 1997 when they became too complacent.

 I too am old enough to remember three Labour Governments with Harold Wilson, inflation rose within his term of office to unbelievable levels.  Under Jim Callaghan we had "the winter of discontent" with many industrial strikes and rubbish piled high in rat infested streets. With Tony Blair ( a true socialist!!! with his now many millions of pounds lifestyle) full of spin and deceit and of course, Gordon Brown with his ever increasing taxation making our nation the highest taxed in europe. He has also borrowed money from the IMF eversince he became chancellor under Blair. I am sure he believes money grows on trees and he certainly knows how to spend it.  Over the years it has not been surprising that successive Tory governments have had to sort their mess out. 




I will not be supporting the Tories simply because they are the party of division and always support the richer-people (lower-tax for the rich) and also because of their Social & Environmental irresponsible ploicies.
Although Gordon Brown is praised across the world for leading the way in fighting the depression the world is in, I will probably vote Liberal Democrat

I have read the comments and am totally dumbfounded by the anti Thatcher comments. How ever I suppose I shouldn't be as most of them are from those types of people that have the attitude of ' I'm alright and I don't give a fig what happens elsewhere' i.e those in protected positions -public sector workers. I have worked in the public sector and know just how comfy and cushy it is. Job for life in most cases (there are victims however like myself who lost their position in local authority reorganisation) with a nice big fat pension at the end of it, a large portion of which is paid for by my taxes.

Well I work in the private sector and thanks to MR Blair / Brown I have lost the greater part of my privately financed pension(that I have paid into for 25 years and currently pay £200 per month) through various taxes and poor control of the financial institutions, I have had a 15% salary cut, face higher national insurance payments, higher taxed fuel (car) and can't afford to send my two teenage children to university even though they are both well qualified to get there, and my children can't find a job either. In addition I pay more council taxes for a worse services and still council pay rises.

So please get in the real world this is not about Thatcherism. This is about the here and now, what has happened under this government and why. They have screwed up so acknowledge it.

Don't put up wee Gordy as an icon, lets remember just who was chancellor under smiley Tony and who sold all the peoples gold reserves at the lowest price in fifty years as well as who has borrowed the most for at least three generations and left a country in dire debt and in a war that they shouldn't be in, but that is another story!!!

Independent financial reports now show that public sector pay, when the pensions and all other benefits are included is in general well ahead of the private sector.
These people are OK when they retire to because their pension is gauranteed to be based on their final salary, no wonder there is going to be a £3 billion deficit in the public sector pension puse which we the innocent taxed victim are going to have to fund, so the better off can live in a nice well funded pensioned life style. Teachers, well my wife works in a small village school and four of the teachers there toddle off to Spain for six weeks every summer, while I and she stay at home and take out 2 week holiday in the UK staying with friends and family as much as possible cos we can't afford to go away.

YES! I agree the bankers are parasites and need controlling, but there are millions out there who have suffered as a result of the greed of the few at the top, so I don't see why we all should not be taking cuts to pay for the problem.
Why should anyone apart from essential services ( fire, police, ambulance) think that they should be protected from cuts because they work in the public sector?
The public sector should be run more on a private basis with pay and conditions in line with the private sector.
My brother is a nurse and is happily going to retire from nursing at 55 on a nice pension (which I and many like me will never have) and yet he has paid less into his pension than I have and I have worked three years longer and had a pension 5 years longer than him. But I have helped fund his as well as mine. Totally unfair!!!

So, this carefully considered voting decision is to re-install the very party which is the root cause of this mess. 12+ years of these clearly incompetent politicians (if they were even 1/2 way competent, we wouldn't be in this mess, please don't even think of using the word "global") has created the mess and you think the best people to lead us out of it are the very people who created it in the first place!!

You may find that if you stop banging your head against a stone wall, the pain will soon stop. If you continue to keep banging the pain will continue!

If Labour(again, heaven forbid) is the answer, what the hell was the question?

So bad that with a landslide, they humiliated the Conservatives in 1997 who were so good and brilliant. So bad they were swept back in 4 years later with another landslide. 4 years later, so bad that even with a deeply unpoplar prime minister who took the country to war, a thumping majority of over 60 seats. Not my verdict, the country as a whole. So more people thought they were something right than would trust the Conservatives.

The fact is those of us who remember how bad it was under the Conservatives, get fewer and fewer as years go by so alot of newer voters have not had that experience. Not the bankers fault !!, so who is being sued for £9 billion. Ex - Directors of RBS. Is Gordon Brown even responsible for the bankruptcy of Merrill Lynch in America and the meltdown of their mortgage market?. Or even the Dutch Bank that this very day,  has been nationlised by the Dutch goverment due to their acknowledged mis-management. Powerful man our Prime Minister.  

He might be powerful, brady, but I still haven't forgiven him for his multibillion pound raid on pensions.

That makes him no better in my book than a thief on Christmas Eve.

 Yes, powerful Gordon maybe but apart from being unelected by the electorate in first place,he was also the man of no more boom and bust. He and Tony Blair told the FSA to be light on regulating the banking industry which gave the banks carte blanche to behave in their despicable ways which has greatly contributed to our own recession apart from the global effect.

Most people, Iam sure, mistrust politicians as a whole but Tony B and Gordon Brown have had their opportunity of governing this great country, the situation at present is dire and Gordons own cabinet members are jockeying for position,so lets clear the decks and give someone else the same opportunity. The Conservatives are the only viable opposition party to take the helm. 




 Yes, powerful Gordon maybe but apart from being unelected by the electorate in the first place,he was also the man of no more boom and bust. He and Tony Blair told the FSA to be light on regulating the banking industry which gave the banks carte blanche to behave in their despicable ways which has greatly contributed to our own recession apart from the global effect.

Most people, Iam sure, mistrust politicians as a whole but Tony B and Gordon Brown have had their opportunity of governing this great country, the situation at present is dire and Gordons own cabinet members are jockeying for position,so lets clear the decks and give someone else the same opportunity. The Conservatives are the only viable opposition party to take the helm. 




If the Conservatives were in power we would have had the same financial melt down, they would not have supported Northern Rock, that would have caused a run on all British banks. The downturn would have therefore been worse, then they would have gone protective & also cut investments. We would have ended up with a 1930's type depression. Labour led the world from the edge of financial disaster, This is based on their historic performance, not any political dogma.

I couldn't agree more. Under the recession with the tories in charge, interest rates were 15%, and from all i can see, Gordon Brown is trying to help people. No way will i vote conservative because i do feel Gordon Brown is trying to help

. David Camedron is so false and like the Blair idiot in the days before the first election her won.

Lets assume the Conservatives where in power over the last 5 years:

Would the American led financial melt down have occured   - Of course

Would the Conservatives have saved Northern Rock   - No

Consequences - A run on British banks, one after the other

History shows the Conservatives would have cut spending & became protectionist - further depening the recession

Remember the scares of a 1930's style depression - that would have followed.

Remember the G8 complementing Gordon Brown for leading them from the edge. Wake up Britain

latest independent report released yesterday on the new  Conservatives policies shows an increase of 750,000 people, yes real people, being made unemployed. No change there then 

Who ever gets into power it is going to be hard. Particularly for the Public Secure who have yet to see the melt down in final salary pensions. Why should taxpayers fund the excesive pensions awards to that sector. I thinks that is going to be a massive issue. Are they going to hold us to sansome in the future I think not. Just not sustainable in the long term. Wait for the sticky stuff to hit the fan whoever wins power.

I tend to think the Labour would be the better part to vote for (from a floating voter) but who really knows. Both parties are not going to give bad news before an election. Except perhaps the Liberal Dems. maybe they have a death wish.

You pays your money (lots of it) and takes your choice.

One of the repeated phrases from these messages are that Labour and Conservatives cannot be trusted, so why not give the Lib Dems a go? I have yet to see anyone mention them and they are indeed a credible political party?

For todays current mess I dont believe we can really blame any one person or party. Labour were slack for telling the FSA to only moderatly monitor banking activities, Conservatives and Lib Dems between them should have picked up on this, they are after all the opposition.

As for remembering the "old" days, I cant, I vaguely remember Mr Major being PM at best. David Cameron may have been an advisor at the time Thatchers government but that doesnt mean he was completely responsible for the bust that occured, it just means he was on the advisory team.

He is now the leader of the political party with his own agenda and own ideas of how to sought the mess out.

Instead of bickering, why not ask your local representatives for the 3 major political parties what they will do if they come to power and why not listen to what they have to say.

I am in now way a politician but I feel the only way to decide which party to vote for is to listen to those who will be making the changes if elected and thats your MP's. Everyone can tell when someone is telling a lie, even more so with politicians because they are so bad at it, but at the same time you will know when you hear the real deal and that is who you should vote for.

It's about time people in the UK saw through Mr Brown. He's a waste of space and has cost us all a fortune. I'm not sure about David Camerons ability to run the country, but if Maggie Thatcher were standing she would get my vote without hesitation. If we get another Labour government, then clearly it's time to emigrate.

I think the term "Working Man" is bandied about by the Left Wing who think that everyone should get the same standard of living whether they work 5 hours or 40 hours. I work hard and begrudge my taxes being paid to people who only want to smoke and drink and spend beyond their means.
Labour cant give my taxes away fast enough! Hence the mess this country is now in. What can we expect from Labour if they stay in? More debt,
less respect and the country will be a laughing stock for the amount of money they give to illegal immigrants walking across our borders - if this is what you want my friend - Vote Labour........

The only good politician is a politician on the dole,  What ever party

(And that now applies to bankers as well)


Yes capitalism, i.e. gimme, gimme, gimme & I'm alright Jack, is natural & just look where it's got us!  Like many others I too remember Thatcher days, with education spending cuts amongst other things.  Vote conservative - I think not!

Can understand the approach, but here in Chesterfield where I live we have had a Lib Dem Council for about 6 yrs after over 30 yrs of Labour before that. The town is on it's knees. They were left with over 12 million in cash reserves, and it's all gone. Cut backs on top of more cutbacks because they squandered so much. Town Hall staff made redundant left right and centre and on the local radio THIS morning, listeners talking about moving out of the town to places like Bakewell as so it's so depressing here now. Better the Devil you know.

I too remember the Thatcher years when she totally ruined manufacturing industry with failed policies and lack of investment.

Using North Sea oil profits to fund the the ever growing dole queues which she created.

When vast numbers of key workers emigrated never to return.

The legacy of enerations of school leavers who never had a job after leaving full time education and never given any incentive in life.

The highest tax rates ever except for the lowering of tax rates for the highest paid.

The Selling off the public assets whose profits had been used to invest in hospitals,education,law and order etc etc etc.

The destruction of pensions in line with wages.

The erosion of the value of child family allowance.

The introduction of the unfair and HIGH RATES of POLL TAX.

The HIGH Interest rates of 14%.

The record levels of house repossessions.

And not forgetting the never ending high levels of daily SUICIDES caused by her policies.



When will people realise labour has destroyed this country. Im 23 so dont really know about the thatcher years but i happen to like and respect her i have seen videos plus been told about what she did but we need someone like her in power again. If the tories left the country in such a mess surely labour would have sorted it by now they have had 12 years in power and dragged this country deeper in to mess than the conservatives ever did. We need a change in goverment blair was ok but brown is a disaster as is labour david is my choice of pm and i belive he will get the country back on track brown will make us a joke in the rest of the world but we are already because of him he was never elected and should never have been pm ever. I have never voted but 2010 i will vote tory my mother also hates the tories as she remembers thatcher but i have persuaded her to vote conservative things will be hard for a long time to come but that is labours fault i hope we have a long conservative goverment i belive they will get into power but i really hope they do david cameron is a fresh young guy who will sort the country out.

You seem really genuine but unfortunately you have only read about the thatcher years. Some of us had to live them and don't just look at the complimentary items. Look at the riots that took place the like of which have never been seen before or since. You do not get the ordinary briitish public, and it was ordinary men and women, not some left or ring wing group of anarchists, that were in revolt. Look at over 4 million on the dole, a much larger percentage figure than today's with many more people in work now.. Whole communities devasted except for the the chosen, relatively small, few. Such as those in the city, and look at what they have just done to the rest of us. You should listen more to your mother. She obviously lived and remembers it as well