Which group of people do you think are bearing the brunt of the government's spending cuts?

Young people
13% (131 votes)
40% (408 votes)
47% (470 votes)
Total votes: 1009

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pensioners have paid their dues after a lifetime of work and should not have their benfits cut.. They suffer the ravages of inflation on fixed incomes and have no way of increasing their income. pensioners should receive more benfits.
I ma not a pensiner yet but the conditions imposed on them frighten me . It is also a worry that assylum seekers get more than pensioners . About time the people of this country woke up . The non pensioners are living with the benefits created by the now retired people

I am 69 and therefore a pensioner and have already paid my dues (44 years of qualifying NI and all other taxes) towards my basic and second state pensions and would take to the barricades to defend my entitlement. Not saying it should be any higher, just that it keep up with inflation. The situation with those on pension credit however is totally different. Here is a benefit paid on a similar scale to state pension paid to people regardless of whether they worked in their younger years or not. So where's the incentive for the those who want to make their full contribution. Also like all these tax credits they are expensive to administer and very susceptible to mistakes and fraud. Get rid of them. Replace them with benefits that support people who find it very difficult to get employment but that isn't as common as the current level of claims would suggest.

Interesting to see that water bills are to rise by the rate of inflation, 4.6% this year whereas pensions rise by the rate of inflation, 3.1%. Odd that, isin't it?

People living on fixed incomes with no chance of getting a job or anymore money just see their standard of living fall down and down. If you are of an age where you can get a job (if you can find one) then it will be possible to keep ypur standard of living. But let us all rember that as Dave C.said we ar all in it together. Except for Bankers, Politians and large Investers living abroad. I wonder what the" Big Society" will be like? Sick.

Everyone in the UK who are both working and middle class will bear the brunt of this dictating goverment.
If you are rich you wont miss a little more being taken from you but the rest of us have to rob Peter to pay Paul.
The PM and his cronies are in cuckoo land when was the last time they had to worry about putting food on the table.

I am a pensioner.The majority of people receiving benefits have never contributed & the government have got this all wrong.If you've paid nothing in you should get nothing out.People coming to live in the UK must be told that they will qualify for benefits,free NHS care etc once they have worked for 5 years. I have 11 grandchildren but child benefit must be given only for the first 2 children.The benefit system is far too generous & for eg it is ridiculous that someone who works etc pays towards dental care but anyone on benefits or a newcomer to the UK doesn't.And we are constantly told that we have a fair society.

Hello, I am a pensioner that gets the basic pension and have a small private pension so cannot get pension tax credit? also the bank rate being so low my savings are worth nothing? not all pensioners are well off in fact I would be better off if I had not taken out a private pension, I pay for the dentist-glasses council tax ect.

Pam Jones

My husband paid national Insurance for 46 years also I have paid myself 30 years. why outsides who have not paid receive payments when they have not paid into tne national insurance , this county a soft touch, that why most of them come to this county They goverment need to give the pension fair pension. The last goverment spend all our capital Gordon brown sole our gold for nothing

I get £98 per week goverment pension, going up to £102 in April. I dont recieve any benefits. Intrest rates are so low I cant earn much in interest from the banks. With the high fuel prices free bus travel is very much appreciated, especially when the hospital I ar
ttend is 20 miles away. And I have just recieved an estimate from a plumber who wants£55- per hr. or £250- per day, What chance have I got.

Pensioners are on a fixed income and if you have just a penny over the governmant freshold one has to pay for everything glasses dental work etc, there are no allowances for us! Also our savings which we have worked hard for are giving us little or no return on what we have.

Pensioners are hit in 2 main areas of cost during any spending cuts.
Apart from the fact that many pensioners are already having their benefits cut by way of more costly home help or other cuts to pensioner services.

1 Many including myself are living off a small pension subsidised by any savings. Savings which are attracting little to no interest.

2 Higher bills such as those for heating are hitting harder as pensioners tend to be at home more, therefor having their heating on longer.

Very limited range of groups here.

Can we add local authority workers, who are all losing their jobs?

Most pensioners have worked hard for most, if not all of their working lives. There were very few benefits when they were young (unlike now), so why shpouldn't they have them as they geyt older

We have in general a much lower income than the working community - mine is less than £10,000 per annum so to cut any of the meagre benefits we are entitled to would be quite wrong.

It is outragous that pensioners who have worked hard all their lives should now have their benefits cut!

Families are definately more affected its child benefits and lone parent benefits are being cut and pensioners seem to be keeping free bus passes tax credits etc. I doesnt seem fair as the housing situation is still dire and families are struggling as it is. Families are squashed into inadequate over priced housing whilst pensioners are sitting pretty in houses that are too big for them, getting free travel when they have a car, several foreign holidays a year and still moaning. It is a struggle to get a driving licence nowadays things were a lot easier for those generations, our generation are lucky to be able to get a room in a shared house and to even get a job.

Young people in college on full EMA with lone parent on benefit.

I will not take you questionaire due to the fact I can only Mark one bullet point not multiple. The government is slow to react on simple parts of the uk like population levels and the amount of jobs that are freely available I feel the government should invest in green tech.... I . E. Farms should use cow pooh put in storage heated with wind turbines to make gas that can be pumped into the grid.. Or use the gas in turbines for electricity... Come on you ape's why the frigging nelly do MPs run the country who are all old, out of date like a BBC computer. Cheap fuel rules... Get a grip I want and electric go cart!!!! every age group will suffer the government money cuts, people with no money will suffer that has always been a fact.... I think that job centres should have a employment agentcy department in the job centre to help people in most need find work faster and 4 those who don't want to work are forced to take work the job centre agency gives them... This will inturn help uk citizens first because they will control the jobs and the 4 week rule will work and help the uk citizens get back work otherwise given to the EU if there has to be freedom of movement within the EU there is a solution I've just told you about to help UK born people get the jobs first otherwise employment agentcies will always be giving jobs out to EU people hand over fist. I don't really give a shit about the UK anymore or Politricks due to the fact I'm going on holiday. I've just quoted two solutions to make the UK grow again... YOu can pass on this message to your superiors and get this country back of it's knees.

No I do not agree - we have paid NHI conts for 40 years and are threatened with having to sell our homes for elderly home care. this, when youngsters are claiming £800 benefits per month just because they are too bored to work or cannot get up in the morning and when many immigrants get better treatment than us for welfare. Our country still gives aid to other supposedly poorer developed countries - why India and Russia, both have as many millionaires there as here. Why dont these people help their own peoples out of hardship. Why always us? There are many needy people here too! We oldies put a lot into our society and I feel it is good to have that recognised by small perks such as heating allowance and bus passes.

No I think the state pension is far too low as it is. As we have been paying for it all our working lives. Now it is linked to earnings which have not risen for 3 years oh didn't they know that was going to happen, instead of the retail price index. Our income has been cut in half as the savings rates are not even keeping up with inflation. And these saving are very hard earned as people of my generation saved and not spent every penny so that mortgagees of today could borrow to be able to by their houses. WE can’t afford to heat our house properly now we only have the heating on for 2hrs a night and never in the morning anymore and only ever buy food that is on offer or at sell buy date. If you want to cut anything cut MP over subscribed pension and allowances and half the number of MP altogether what ever do we need them all for anyway we are NOW run by Europe! And the last thing this country needs is more laws

The idea of cutting pensioners' money would be unfair .
2 million pensioners live below the poverty line.
2 million die of fuel poverty each year
If their money is in savings accounts the interest is so low.
The increase in the state pension annually is way behind the cost of living increases.
Travel passes were fought for by the pensioners' movement and at least help a bit.
Pensions contributed by paying taxes and National insurance contributions

Hopefully those bearing the brunt are the ones in pointless jobs in the public sector, the cost of which are holding us all back and helping to ensure the £900billion debt is going to get worse.

If families aren't already being hit hardest they sure will be when mortgage rates start to rise!!!!!!!!

I take offence at the fact the someone suggests that the pensioners should have some of their benefits taken from them. I have worked all my life for these benefits. Nowadays people only have to work 30 years to gain a full pension. We have had to work 44 years to gain a full pension. Where is that fair.


Bank rate means thatt any savings are reducing all the time and any interest is becoming unreliable

All the above groups will be bearing the brunt of the government spending cuts, none will escape!

The only ones sitting pretty are the rich but to be honest those who voted for the conservatives must bear the brunt of the blame for putting them in power and yet again allowing them to make the rich richer and everyone else poorer. How or what on earth were you people thinking if you thought or believed a word of what David Cameron said. Its time the people from the UK made a stand against this government and the treatment they are now receiving and to fight for what is rightfully theirs, to include their country. It seems that the people of UK are being treated like 2nd class citizens while those entering this country, legally or otherwise, are reaping the benefits and rewards along with the rich.

I think the youngsters of this country are doomed. No further education unless you are willing to take out loans of around £30,000 ( that is before you even start work), if they are lucky enough to find a job it is likely to be temporary, part time and not secure. With no stability in employment how can you get mortgages to buy your own flats etc I really feel for the youth of today, horrible being filled with all that hopelessness. A survey done confirmed that the highest age group of the unemployed is 16 to 24 year olds. That is not to say that the pensioners and families etc should be targeted instead, like so many others who have taken the time to comment, no-one is going to escape, well maybe the politicians, bankers, money men, ridiculously rich people, bombs for destruction at 1million a pop, blah de blah

Having done 3 years of National Service in Korea and Malaya in the 50's and received no recompense whatsoever in pensionable rights for doing so, thus reducing my 27 year Police pension and not allowing me to get the full amount, do you honestly feel that I should be willing to bear the brunt of the Government's cuts? The savings of my wife and I, which we have managed over the past 50 years, have become so negligible in returns, that they are worth nothing in real terms. Our pensions barely keep out heads above water due to the increases in fuel, energy and food, in fact, financially, we are not even treading water, we are slowly sinking! Thank Christ we have only a few years left, and we will be out of this madhouse, where the lunatics are in charge.