Where are you being hit hardest by high inflation?

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The most insidious move by the Government is to change the index- linking for Teachers and NHS pensions from RPI to CPI in Scotland (probably UK). This was not in any manifesto. I urge every pensioner or future pensioner (which means YOU!) to tell your SMP or MP that he/she will not get your vote unless the RPI link is restored.
Generally the cuts are not affecting the rich (witness the Lord Mayor of Londons recent Banquet - if they all sold their finery and just had beer and sandwiches they would probably have saved as much as the index- linking cheat.)

All of the above! My transport bills are getting so high that I'm considering quitting work. It's comming close to not being viable.

As a pensioner, I don't travel as much as when I commuted to work athough my wife and I do get away for short breaks, by car.
Yes, food prices have risen noticeably but by shopping sensibly (and this does not mean buying cheaper items but only what we need so that little is thrown away) and cooking rather than by buying ready cooked or take-aways, we manage to eat well. We are also able to eat out whenever the mood taks us.
The item not mentioned in the poll is water rates, which have risen dramatically and unjustifiably over the last five years.

Don't waste your time writing to your MP if he/she is a Tory. You'll get a bog standard reply which amounts to very little.

Fredcove I agree it is a waste of time but it does irritate them and they might remember and stop assuming we are easy targets. I look forward to being able to vote them OUT!
I was intrigued recently to discover my shopping is now nearly 12% higher than a year ago! Steaps are being taken to correct it. Mind you it is still lower than the year before when I was a meat eater.

Remember the austerity measures that are leading to the rising costs were not in the lib/dem manifesto at all and were not explicit in the tory manifesto. There is no mandate for the blinkered policies that are damaging our economy further. Unless teh economy is stimulated the growth that Osborne is hoping for will never come.

I'ts time we stopped being so spineless and fought back against these greedy food chains,utilities and petrol companies.Lets organize a campaign to boycott the worst of these offenders.We do hold the power, remember the farmers and hauliers a few years ago who brought the petrol giants to heel.So lets organize name them, shame them and hit them one by one with boycotts to reduce their inflated profit margins.

We all know that prices are governed by supply and demand, except of course in the utopia of socialism.
Consider the UK population in 1951 was just short of 45 million and now stands at close to 63 million (official figures). this means almost 20 million more people needing houses, 20 million more people using water / electricity / gas / our hospitals / our doctors / our schools and 20 million more people eating food. In a market economy higher demand means higher prices.