When was the last time you switched energy supplier?

In the last six months
14% (7 votes)
Between six and 12 months ago
29% (15 votes)
More than 12 months ago but less than two years ago
24% (12 votes)
More than two years ago
20% (10 votes)
14% (7 votes)
Total votes: 51

Your Comments

I tried to switch last year but struggled to get a cheaper tariff - glad I didnt fix though! will wait until more suppliers lower there bills this time as i think more cuts are to come.

What's the point of switching? Energy companies are nothing but a cartel and we all pay through the nose whoever we are with. Utilities should be put back under public ownership - gas and electricity are ESSENTIALS - why should people get rich out of keeping ourselves warm and cooking food!!!?
This letter sums up how I feel right now:
My name is Sam, I am the CEO for Centrica, (we own British Gas) I make loads of money and i expect to get a raise of £1.5m this year as well as loads of other benefits you numptys can only dream of.
You bunch of idiots are paying my extortionately high salary, so for that I thank you, but I needed an island what like Mr Branson has got, so I put up prices in the summer to afford it. To make it look like BG are great, I have discounted rates by 10% but really they’re still 40% higher, just makes me look nice.
I don’t need to put the heating on cos you've all bought me a massive warm house in the country (and a yacht)! So turn the heating up, and remember to leave the oven on (as long as it’s gas that is)..

I switched to a fixed tariff with Scottish Power last May - at their February 2008 rate - and still happy. Will wait and see how 'SP' and the others react to the 'BG' cut before considering a change. Fortunately the fixed deal I took has no penalty payments if I decide to leave, and the rate is fixed until March 2011. I think there will be a lot of volatility in the prices between now and then, so will be keeping a close eye on things.

I too switched to a fixed price with ScottishPower (in August). They quoted £81/mth based on last years annual consumption figure. Payments quickly rose to £105 because my consumption is greater in the autumn (surprise!) As my consumption is still in line with last year, I will be interested to see how much it rises after the winter quarter; and if they reduce payments as quickly in the spring when the usage has fallen, bringing the average back down.

I too changed to Scottish Power last January on a fixed deal which expired in November. They advised me NOT to take their latest extension as it was likely that rates would be going down so I may be paying over the odds until the rate drops.
It is so much hassle for us older users to change every 6-12 months so I suspect I may not be on the cheapest rate ?
One good point for SP is their annual free gas inspection if you are registered as an older person or at risk.A Corgi registered technician arrived this morning and made sure my equipment was up to standard, a welcome reassurance that is apparently financed through the Lottery Fund. Only Scottish Power do this I think.

I have always been loyal to my suppliers, I have NEVER changed any supplier, This includes Gas, Electricity and Phone. My belief has always been that if the companies actually investede the money they earn in the product that they started selling we would all benefit in the long run. Why do British GAS want to sell electricy or telephone line rental and calls. Simple they want to maximise their profit at our expense. It is about time that these companies started thinking about the people who actually keep their profits rolling in and give something back to them.

I am with Scottish Power, and they have just written to me to tell me my bill will be going up just over £20 per month. Even although the prices are decreasing, Shit what a farce!

Can anyone recommend the best company to be with NOW! ! !