When did you start saving in a pension?

I haven't started yet
13% (4 votes)
When I was in my late teens/early 20s
50% (15 votes)
When I was in my late 20s
17% (5 votes)
When I was in my 30s
10% (3 votes)
When I was older than 40
10% (3 votes)
Total votes: 30

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My company offered a pension as soon as I started work at 22 and at that point they put in 5% without me having to do anything so I thought why not.

Older Not Wiser!
At 71 I am At 71 I am glad I started saving early at 22 as one gets into the habit. Unfortunately the Chancellors tax policies now erode interest gains, and the whole thing is beginning to be too complex to understand.
The result is that I am solvent but apprehensive about the future. I suppose its all relative , but pensioners should be better protected, particularly those who did save and are now penalised!

I wish I had started a pension sooner, but since I started working for the N.H.S., I have been paying 5% of my wages into the n.h.s. pension scheme, I also match this by paying another 5% of my earnings into an I.S.A. hopfully this will help me when I get to retirement.

Was on staff and every job change lost out on pensions transfer.

Then went to Equitable Life and lost majority of it despite the QUANGOes supposed to be regulation the companies.
Now with Scottish Widows on a modern personal pension and they have failed as they paid nothing into the account last year - despite their profits.

Lost all faith in pension provision.


my father worked 40 years for two companies and as I am aware he had no pension .. is that legal and do companies have to offer a pension to older workers....and when did pensions start ??