When did you last visit your bank branch?

In the last month, I bank in branch regularly
54% (51 votes)
Within the last six months, when I'm looking for a new product
18% (17 votes)
Over a year ago, I do all my banking remotely
28% (27 votes)
Total votes: 95

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How else can you pay in cheques ?

I visit my bank regularly

Why  I still visit my Bank!

For one thing using the cash machine in the Bank premises is safer and less likely to be scammed. I can always check my balance on the in-house computer and see if my pension payments are in.There may be a new bond offer ( though unlikely in Nationwide), and I can easily check with staff as to any new changes.

I totally agree with the comments above re the ATMs within the local branch.

I also find changing DD/Standing Orders at the branch better because it enables me to discuss the issue and others which I may not have appreciated.   I see no reason why visits to the Bank and computer access as required cannot work together  -  offer different types of service!.


Why is personal service on the 'phase-out' agenda? there are so many people who value this service, especially those who have no computer skills, have poor eyesight or hearing dificulties. Banks think they know best as they did when making the decision to phase out cheques without really having solutions for so many circumstances when payment by cheque is currently used. Yes, keep online / telephone services for those who prefer these but please keep branches alive with full services and within easy travelling distances for those who wish to keep using the branch services.

I use my bank at least once weekly for paying into my account, changing direct debits, paying credit cards & other bills. Also queries on my account or changing coins to notes.

The personal touch is hard to beat and speaking to PEOPLE face to face I get things sorted out immediately!

Why is Personal service on the phase out agenda again there are people who do not have a computer and people like myself still like to speak to the cashier not some one a thousand miles away who does not know me or anything about me or my account keep local branches OPEN.

Just post them to the branch. It's easier and cheaper than actually having to physically go there (unless you live next door).  Cheques are soon to be history anyway.

By post!

I last visited mine to close the account I had had for about 40 years having now changed to an online one that pays interest on my current account.

There's nothing to beat face to face contact. I use Internet Banking too, but am a regular visitor to my local branch for various reasons.

Pay cheques in by post or some banks allow cheques to be paid in via the ATM, at the Post Office or through their letter boxes!

a. it's quicker than trying to get someone on the phone - sometimes even allowing for getting to the bank in the first place!

b. you get someone you can talk to, who knows what sort of accounts they, and you, have and understands them.

c. you can stay there till any problem is sorted out.

d. it keeps people in work and in the economy

e. what's wrong with wanting to deal with people rather than machines???

Nothing wrong with people per se, but I prefer the machines, they make fewer mistakes and are unlikely to mislead you. The machines are not "target driven" whereas employees usually have bonuses etc riding on the encounter.