When did you last use a cheque?

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We use cheques for birthdays and Christmas. There is no suitable alternative. There is no way we would send cash through the post.
The man who cuts our grass fortnightly will get a cheque.
The idea of abolishing cheques is ridiculous.

Used for club membership, and presents etc..
I guess technically both of those could be done via a direct bank transfer but the likelihood of me entering a wrong digit in sort or account code and it going to the wrong account and never getting the money back is too high. J

I regularly use cheques to pay small businesses who don't have credit or debit card payment facility. I don't carry much cash on me so a cheque is the only method to pay them.
I am also a member of an amateur theatrical group, the only way we can take payment for tickets is cash or cheque, there is no possibility we can take cc.

I'm glad they're saved!!

Wecant always use cards or cash. Builders,plumbers,odd jobbers ,solicitors to name but a few.A cheque is the easiest way to pay.

Just another example of the 'service' (or lack of) that the banks wish to force upon their customers because it is inconvenient for them!

In fact, I am about to order something that will be paid for by cheque. It has to be to keep the small group going. Maybe the banks should have thought about this before killing the cheque guarantee scheme!

I use checques for all school payments as it keeps a record in one place. I pay for trips, holidays, school uniforms and after school clubs. I also send cheques through the post for family and friends special days.

I cannot see how that would work, as not all places have a card machine to take debit or credit cards.
I would never send cash through the post and I will give cheques as gift to family for Birthday & Christmas, then they can spend it however they like.

At last they see sense I use cheques regularly, to send a deposit for my holiday, I run our staff association at work and most staff give me cheques, I pay for services via cheque

Thank goodness that cheques have been saved. I use them to pay for various things. Plus they are a boon for my Dad who finds it difficult getting to a bank. Long live cheques i say.

I work for a Newsagent, and we deliver to many elderly people. Some of them find it very difficult to get to the shop to pay their bill. We send a monthly bill with their delivery, and they write a cheque and get someone to post it for them.

Even those who can come personally often prefer to pay by cheque. Many people, not all of them elderly, don't like to carry a lot of cash on their person. It would cause difficulty to many of our customers if cheques were abolished.

as i seem to understand a cheque costs more to process than a credit card transaction & you have to pay min of 2% on top with credit card at times,you don`t pay the extra with a cheque,so i say keep the cheque,

As a sole trader, I don't have the resources to fund the payment by card facility, so to me cash or cheques are the way my clients pay, so I'm glad they have been retained. It's about time Banks listened to their customers and provided the services we want and ask for instead of being bombarded with staff who want to sell you insurance or similar.

Also use cheques for the grandchildren's birthdays and Christmas.

Sense at last!

Cheques are used a couple of times a month to small organisations like charities not necessarily on a regular basis.

I use cheques for all my E-Bay purchases - avoids the Paypal hassles, and you always have an address in case of trouble.
With cards, once someone has your numbers, cant they just take what they like ?

Santander decided to stop my cheque facility without informing me I wrote outv a large amount to pay a lawyers bill onley to have it returned to them saying account closed,. As there was suuficiant funds dont understand, can still use ATM. Still waiting an explanation.

Always use cheques for birthdays and christmas and other special occasions as well as when friends booked our annual ski-ing holiday we give cheque. So much safer than sending cash through post and do not want to pay extra fee for postal order. ALso use cheques for children's school trips as you will be rest assured that the payee name are for the appropriate organiser.

I work in a primary school office and the amount of parents who choose to pay for school trips by cheque is huge. We cannot accept debit or credit cards and expecting people to always pay by cash would be impossible. In the same way I use to cheques to pay for children's trips, subscriptions and to give birthday presents. They definitely need to stay.

My 87 yr old mother has great difficulty in remembering the pin number of her Debit Card so always uses a cheque to withdraw money from the bank. For people like her it would be a disaster if cheques were withdrawn. Maybe in 20 or so years it may be feasible, but there are too many elderly people, like my Mum, who just can't cope with modern money management.

My elderly mother who is registered blind can still sign her name when you put her hand in the right place, but not read numbers off a card, nor punch numbers into a keypad, cheques are her only way of paying for things with any degree of independence.

Re use of cheques, please keep using cheques. Now we have managed to shame the banks into keeping them, how about a campaign to force big shops such as supermarkets to accept cheques once more? With more and more people trying to scam us on the internet and the danger of internet banking being unsafe and easy to hack, the older methods are proven to be better.

Even online shopping is suffering a decline. I prefer to shop in person and so like for other people posting here, cheques are indispensible.

There is no better way to send money by post, easy to do, easy to keep track of,
safe.................It also shows up on your bank statement with the cheque number alongside, perfect !

I find cheques useful for paying for holiday deposits as someone as mentioned, also if you have to send money to relatives. They are ideal for this, no extra charges like Postal Orders. Its nice knowing that we still have this facility, it also feels safer.

They are ideal for paying deposits for things. Better than Postal Orders, they have charges attached to them. Glad we are still going to be able to use them.

There are all sorts of circumstances where a card payment or cash is impractical

As the treasurer of a small registered educational charity ( The Projected Picture Trust ) I am sure that we would have lost in the order of 50% of our current members if cheque clearing had been abandoned.