When did you last use a cheque?

I've never used a cheque
3% (3 votes)
Over six months ago
6% (7 votes)
In the last six months
4% (5 votes)
In the last month
87% (104 votes)
Total votes: 119

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i use cheques frequently, not as often as I used to but I do appreciate that a lot of people use them daily, keep the cheque I say

Cheques are useful for paying tradesmen, many of whom will not accept plastic. I include in this small shops who will only accept cheques or cash

I use cheques all the time and have no idea how I will pay for items in places where they don't have machines to pay by card as I don't carry lots of cash. You just never know when you will need to pay by cheque eg at a folk club last night I bought CD's which I couldn't have otherwise bought without a cheque. Also, charity Xmas cards - they couldn't afford to pay for the card machine as it takes money AWAY from the charities.

I used a cheque yesterday!

last month

do away with cheques ... so how do we pay the local plumber who comes to fix the washing machine, or the gardener for cutting the grass, or the electrician for putting up a security light, or the window cleaner........or anybody else who you would normally post a cheque to  !

......... very convenient for the banks to do away with cheques, but not for householders, small businesses, local traders, or just about anybody else !

used one today as left my wallet at home and had to borrow from a friend whom I rarely meet how else could one repay them.

Used cheque today to pay for charity raffle

in the last month, pay for grandsons football lessons by cheque.

I use cheques weekly, both received and sent. It would cause much inconvenience and present great difficulty if service was withdrawn G.J.M.

Cheques should never be done away with, I last used a cheque two weeks ago

wrote a cheque today

Today in fact and yesterday and several times in the last month.

I use cheques because I am not keen on internet money use though sometimes this is unavoidable.

Ive just written one to a charity.

and Yesterday to the repair man.

At least 6 cheques/month to people with no credit card facility.

eg Gardener. Window Cleaner. Various Workmen

Ridiculous idea. I pay a number of bills by cheque. I pay workman who carry out jobs at my home and also properties I won. It gives me a unrefutable record of the transaction and jas come in useful if there is a service issue later. I do not want to hand over large amounts of cast and many tradesmen do not have credit/debit card facilities. We pay for banking now and this is just another choice being forced upon us by the greedy banks. They may same on administration but how does it benefit customers?

i use cheque to pay my bills monthly and will continue to do so. also to pay a friends when i owe large sums of money.


I use cheques all the time to pay tradesmen for jobs done. It provides a record of the transaction and has been useful in the event of an issue regarding service or gaurentee. The only beneficiary to disposing of cheques is the administration reduction for the bank. We the customers are seeing yet another reduction in service.

I use a cheque about once in threee months maximun

in the last month

Couldn't do without them!

I regularly use cheques for my window cleaner and for making some of my monthly payments. A lot of small businesses still accept them, I will be writing a cheque on Saturday 20th November for the Electrical Engineer who is coming to repair the tumble dryer as my 21 year old will be in as we have to go out.
I do not know exactly how much this will cost so I will be leaving a signed cheque for her to complete for me.

I buy and sell caravans taking payment for the sale is easy by card, if we tried to put a credit on our card/pdq machine for purchase this would not be allowed (there has to be a debit first) so when I go to an customer to buy a caravan a cheque is probably the only current option. Very few would allow me to leave with a caravan with a promise to pay on chaps(or) at a later date/time, and I am not inclined to pay upfront and collect the caravan at a later time/date.

I pay for "service technicians" who do maintenance work around the house with a cheque, safer option than cash for all concerned.
Paid with a cheque in the last month too!

I wrote a cheque about 30 mins ago, at home and out of banking hours.
If there are no more cheques how will I pay my builder? He doesn't want to be bricklaying with pockets full of cash and doesn't have one of those mobile credit/debit card machines. Save the cheque!!

I am a self employed sole trader and at the moment most of my customers pay me by cheque, when this is no longer possible what are their options?
Not everyone has or wants online banking and neither will they wish to carry large sums of money around for payment.
It seems to me that this whole situation is being led by the banks for their own convenience not for the convenience of their customers (no suprise there then!)
Once again the arrogance of the banking industry knows no bounds!

Steve Baker.

Use cheques for various things on an on-going basis, although have internet banking - biggest thing is to go and get cash from bank plus pay various one-off bills (phsiotherapy, deposit for holiday cottage etc etc) so really feel there's still a demand for them -
Also elderly people rely on cheques - they don't do internet banking, often have limited access to cash but can rely on cheque for payment to carers/services when almost housebound............

I am using cheques for christmas this year . now that I am 83 it
is not easy for me to go shopping

I am elderly. I use cheques constantly for my children & grandchildrens birthdays Xmas Etc

Don't use them as much as before but can think of a number of occasions when cheques trump alternative methods - payment to a friend or relative, for example.

I still use cheques on a regular basis.


Cheques are still useful transactions, not to be neglected or discarded easily.

Cheques are still useful as they may be the only way of paying for something. For instance, how would I pay the milkman if I did not have internet and the milkman did not carry a device to process Debit Cards or Credit Cards

I have used 2 cheques within the last week

Cheques are still very necessary. I use them often. Banks should not end their u

dependant oc cheques for Aunties affairs.

the loss of cheques will be a nightmare to small businesses and to the general public paying to small societies.  this is being driven by big business who don't want cheques anyway.

Most clubs and societies when organising an outing ask for cheques from their members to pay the cost; so much simpler than handling lots of cash.
I used a cheque just yesterday.

I use and recieve and receive cheques on a regular weekly basis

I find it necessary to use cheques, especially if you belong to clubs a need to pay a yearly subscription. I've used cheques a lot in the past month.

I use cheques all the time as I'm sure lots of other people do. Surely removing cheques from the banking system is something the banks want rather than the customer.

last month

Cheque should remain, lots of organisation levy an administration charge for using debit card which can be quite extortionate. I have recently made a payment of £50 using debit card and was charged £2.35 admin charges. Why?

Although not used as a major means of covering family expenditure, it is important and gets used every month for the Hairdresser, Dog Groomer and various local tradesmen.  None of the aforesaid have the facility to take debit cards and most say that it would be too costly to use.

cheques will be phased whether I like it or not

It was yesterday that I used a cheque.

I go out to work and I don't often see people who clean my windows, wash my rubbish bins, or look after my lawns periodically, therefore I use cheques quite often.

I think that they will have to come up with some system to replace the cheques because a lot of people rely on using cheques still, when they can't use there credit cards to pay people for their services.

My father in law only uses cheques & cash and nothing else. He does not and will not use direct debit, He has never had a credit or debit card & does not want one. He does not have a computor, He has never used a computor. and has no interest in starting now. So what happens to his choices if cheques are phased out,
I also have a couple of neighbours who conduct their finances in the same way

In the last week.