What will be your main source of income during retirement?

My pension will be my main source of income
55% (28 votes)
I've invested in property
12% (6 votes)
I haven't started thinking about it yet
14% (7 votes)
An ISA and/or other stockmarket investments
18% (9 votes)
My inheritance
2% (1 vote)
Total votes: 51

Your Comments

This poll is a little naive. Actually I intend to fund my retirement through a variety of means including 3 of the options given. I suspect many others using this site are in a similar position.

I think the point is to find out what people will mainly be relying on when it comes to their retirement.. I voted for the pension because really that's what I am relying on, but am also hoping that when the kids move out I can downsize and use the cash for a cruise or two!

An inheritance would be nice though!

As a relative nipper (mid-20s) and saddled with my student loan, cost of renting and my own foolish high-living, I've decided on the 'wait and see' option.

Might have to start doing the lottery though...

I have savings, property and a pension plan - hopefully combined they will all help me survive retirement but I would really like to see my pension providing the main bulk with everything else a bonus! Sadly, I suspect this will not be the case.

i agree with ptwright. I have retired and have a good pension when compared to many others, but I have saved all my days and to be frank I could manage without the pension and live on investments, income from property and the like. I really did save from when I was a student at uni.